SISTERWIVES SCANDAL: Sukanya Krishnan & Kody Brown Love

“Suki is gonna let him get away with murder again,” said one online critic who then got a swift comeback from the Krishnan

Sukanya Krishnan is clapping back after one Sister Wives viewer said she went too easy on Kody Brown during the show’s One-on-One interviews.

In a comment on a recent Instagram clip from the special, which aired its first of four parts Sunday night, one viewer accused Krishnan of letting Kody “get away with murder” during the intimate tell-all.
“Suki is gonna let him get away with murder again. He’ll say whatever crap he wants, and she’ll just let him,” the commenter wrote. “Tell all? Tell nothing more like!
In her response, Krishnan insisted she tried to be “fair” and advised the commenter to watch the full special before sounding off.
“Respectfully think you are hearing more than you ever have. I try to be fair. Just watch it. And then. We can discuss,” she replied.
In the One-on-One special, Krishnan interviews Kody, his wife, Robyn Brown, and his exes, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown, all separately, discussing the status of their relationships, following one of the most explosive seasons for the Brown family.
The first hour, more specifically, touches on Kody’s relationships with Janelle and Christine, where he admitted that he was guilty of not being in love with either of them.
“Here’s what’s happened. I’ve spent two years watching and seeing Christine and Janelle talk about me, without me, and they’re just trash talking me. So I’m going, I don’t want to ask about anyone else, because I don’t want anybody talking about me,” Kody said to Krishnan. “What are they trash talking me about? They’re trash talking me because I’m guilty — actually, yes I am — of not loving them.”
“I was guilty of not being in love with them. It was guilt from the beginning. I married on a premise that was very different than romantic love,” he continued. “I’m in a place now where I would like romantic love with Janelle, we’ve got stuff to work out.”


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Kody went on to say he believes both himself and Janelle see “so little value in their relationship” that they have not taken the steps to bring it back together.
Krishnan also brought up Kody saying in a confessional how he felt Janelle was only “interested” in his “nice pecs and great six-pack abs.”
“The great pecs and six pack abs was all about the fact Janelle has always seen me as a physical specimen and as a resource and not ever really dove into my humanity,” he said, explaining his comment. “You felt you were just there to, what, [be] a physical boy toy?” asked the host — with Kody saying that, yes, he felt like “some pool boy” and “a piece of meat.”
As for the relationships with the rest of his wives, Kody went on to admit that he only ever fell “in love” with Robyn and that he continued his other marriages out of a sense of duty.
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