Sister Wives: Wrinkled & Real — Meri Isn’t Afraid To Show Unfiltered Face

Meri Brown left all the negativity behind ever since her split with Kody Brown. She has finally become the lone wolf who doesn’t fear anything or anyone’s opinions. The reality TV celeb has started living a completely different life. She is chilling and hanging out with friends to fulfill all her wishes. Meri is handling her heritage inn with a whole new spirit. Moreover, the Sister Wives star has come closer to the audience in the past few months. Fans love to see how confidently she is moving on from her past. Now, it appears that the TLC star has been keeping it real and unfiltered. Recently, fans praised Meri for showing her true beauty on social media. 

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reflects Her Real Beauty In Latest Pictures!

Sister Wives is how fans got to know Meri. Well, she grabbed the viewer’s attention with her bold step of moving out from Kody’s life. Ever since then, she has been on a self-love journey. The reality TV celeb is inspiring others with motivational posts on her social media. However, some fans slammed the celebrity for using too many filters on her face for photos.


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Meri posted a picture with her gal pal in late June and completely cleared all the wrinkles and lines from her face. Fans slammed the celeb and called it a “facetune nightmare.” Now, it appears that the TLC star wants to break all the stereotypes of flawless skin. She posted a video on her Instagram page recently.

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Meri was sitting on a bench in Central Park, New York. So, she went for a minimal makeup look and casual clothes for the day. The TLC star was showing off her slimmer face and natural skin in the unedited video. She made her fans proud to see her accepting her true self. Her face was shining with her natural beauty, and the wrinkles were clearly visible in the video. Several Sister Wives fans praised how beautiful Meri looked without editing her picture and applying filters. 

Sister Wives: Meri Introduces Her Mystery Man In New Pictures!

Fans are happy that Meri is finally moving on from her hard past. However, they were curious to know when she would start dating. The reality TV star hasn’t revealed anything about her dating life yet. However, a new picture has stirred a new controversy. Recently, Meri posted a lovely picture with a mystery man. The two posed in a selfie together and smiled widely. Also, she stated, “One of my favorite moments from the weekend was hanging out with one of my favorite people!” in the caption.

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Further, Meri highlighted that he was genuine, authentic, and a true friend. However, Kody’s ex suggests he has her back like no one does. So, fans got excited and started speculating if she was introducing her new guy. Also, several others hoped that they would date soon and make it official. But Meri has been ignoring these rumors. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more tea on Meri from Sister Wives and her mystery guy.

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