Sister Wives: Will Janelle & Kody Brown Reconnect? (He Has No Interest)

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and Janelle Brown looked to be nurturing the hopes of a reconciliation. However, Kody seems no longer interested.

  •  Kody and Janelle’s chance of reconciliation on Sister Wives seems unlikely, as Kody admitted to never wanting to speak to Janelle again.
  •  Robyn, however, still has hope for a rejuvenated familial feeling between Kody and his ex-wives, emphasizing the importance of choosing to remain a family.
  •  The deterioration of Kody and Janelle’s relationship was partly due to Kody treating Janelle as more of a “friend with benefits” than a marriage partner.

The possibility of a reconciliation between Kody Brown and Janelle Brown on Sister Wives might no longer be realistic. Janelle became the second wife to leave Kody when the duo announced their separation in December 2022, and fans got to watch it all play out on Sister Wives season 18. However, despite their split, the duo held out hope and hinted they had a reconciliation chance.

Kody and Janelle saw each other occasionally and even tried to speak on the phone. The fact that they kept in touch gave Kody the belief that they could reconcile, and Janelle also refused to rule it out. However, new developments have jeopardized any chance of a cordial relationship between the former couple.

Kody Never Wants To Speak To Janelle Again

One of the significant factors that contributed to the deterioration of Kody and Janelle’s relationship was Kody’s neglect of their kids. However, throughout Sister Wives season 18, Kody tried reconnecting with their daughter Savanah and spoke of his wish to mend his relationship with their sons Gabriel and Garrison. Meanwhile, Janelle refused to rule out getting back with Kody after their separation. The mother of six confessed she would get back with Kody if he treated her more like a marriage partner and not the “friend with the benefits” attitude he showed for significant parts of their marriage.

However, Kody has now dashed hopes of a possible reconciliation with Janelle in the Sister Wives season 18 Tell All preview (via People). In the teaser, Kody admitted to host Sukanya Krishnan he had no desire to reunite with Janelle, noting, “I was thinking to myself, I don’t ever want to talk to Janelle again.” His outburst came at the back of Janelle and Christine, accusing him of refusing to take responsibility for the deterioration of their marriages. Kody didn’t take kindly to that criticism and, as a result, seems to have closed any reconciliation chances with Janelle.

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Robyn Brown Has High Hopes For Kody, Janelle, & The Other Wives

Robyn Brown seems to be the only one holding out hope that things might return to how they used to be between Kody, Janelle, and the other wives. After Kody claimed never to want to speak with Janelle again, Robyn implored him to reconsider and think of their six kids together. Robyn, who has watched three of her former sister wives leave the family in recent months, believes it is possible for everyone to maintain a sense of family, although the relationship dynamics have changed from what they used to be.

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