‘Sister Wives’ Why Is Kody Brown Really Selling His 3 Cars?

Why is Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown really selling his three cars including his beloved sports vehicle? Though they are only headed to his best friend’s home, he is still parting ways with them. Is there a true reason behind this decision? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Why Is Kody Brown Really Selling His 3 Cars?

In the latest episode of Sister WivesKody Brown showed himself selling three of his cars. This included a truck and his beloved sports car. He and his family had a lot of memories in the little white sports car. It was heavily featured in Season 1 and that was where he talked about polygamy. He had shared why he loved it so much and why it worked well for him and his family. Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown remembered the love that they shared in it. At the same time, former third wife, Christine Brown recalled her daughter, Ysabel being the last one to drive it.

Kody Brown-YouTube
Kody Brown-YouTube
  • But if those 3 car titles had the wives names that were leaving like Meri and Janelle along with Kody, I could see Kody selling assets or pretending to sell them. A BFF with a dealership can hide your car, buy it for a low price, resell it to other family with a fresh title in someone else’s name, etc.

They then asked if anyone else actually bought the scene between Kody Brown and Brian where the latter is supposedly purchasing all three cars. So, what did other Redditors think of this theory? One believed that Kody must owe someone money, possibly Brian. Another added that they vaguely recall someone saying that a side job for Kody and Brian is to buy and resell cars. Therefore, that would track.

Money Problems?

It has been pointed out how Robyn and Kody Brown have a tendency to overspend. So, some Sister Wives fans think they may be hurting for money. Thus, this is how they are trying to make extra and move some funds to different places. Then, one person questioned if selling the cars was a way to help with Coyote Pass. Janelle Brown had brought up that they had a time limit to pay it off before it was taken away.

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