Sister Wives: Where Is Janelle’s Son Gabe Brown Now? [LIFE UPDATE]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown escaped from her toxic marriage with Kody Brown a few months ago. The mom-of-six chose her kids’ peace of mind over her plural husband. Gabe and Garrison faced the wrath of their father during the pandemic.

Since then, their mom has been protecting her kids from all the anger and hate of Kody Brown. Well, all her children are doing fantastic in their own lives.

Gabriel hogged the spotlight for being the most caring and sweet son of the reality TV star. Fans love to see the new updates of the young celebrity on social media. However, he has been keeping a low profile behind cameras. So what is he up to these days?

Sister Wives: Gabriel Lives An Exciting Life With Some Amazing People!

Gabe Brown earned huge respect and love from the fans for being an obedient and caring son to Janelle Brown. He always stood in front of his dad, Kody Brown, for his freedom. The reality TV celeb made sure to his father that he couldn’t stop him from meeting his girlfriend Payton during Covid.

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He proudly introduced his girlfriend to the Sister Wives fans. Previously, Janelle also went on a dinner date with his son and his girlfriend. Fans were shocked to see Gabriel with a new girl a few months ago. In July, the young TLC star uploaded a picture on his Instagram wall.

In it, a girl was sitting on his lap in a cozy way. Well, fans were confused and thought that Gabe was trying to soft-launch his new girlfriend. Some fans took to Reddito to discuss their doubts.

Several users assumed that she was Gabe’s girlfriend due to the way they sat with each other. However, the others didn’t care to know as they just wanted him to live a happy life. On the other hand, Janelle’s son is keeping a low profile on social media these days.

Gabriel Brown is studying at Northern Arizona University while living in Arizona. Recently, Janelle Brown wished her son on his birthday with a heartwarming message. She gushed over him for checking on her frequently.

Sister Wives: Gabe Blocked Kody After His Trash Treatment During Covid-19!

Kody Brown and Janelle’s son were never two peas in a pod. Fans of the Sister Wives franchise have seen the father-son duo bicker over several issues. Things between them started turning bitter during COVID-19. The patriarch wanted all his family to stay inside and stop socializing.

But Gabe and Garrison never listened to him. Also, Gabe told him that he would not stop meeting his girlfriend, Payton, at any cost. In Season 18, Kody expressed that his sons have blocked him everywhere. Meanwhile, Gabe and Garrison believe that they don’t need a father anymore in their lives.

However, Janelle’s kids claimed that they reached out to their dad, but they only met a wall. But Kody denied everything and stated that he only faced rejection after trying it out several times. Further, he also called them the source of his pain

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