Sister Wives: What Happened During Christine & David’s First Chat? — “Threw My Phone Across The Bed”

Christine Brown finally succeeded in turning her dream of marrying David into reality. The two had been counting the days to tie the knot for months. Fans love the pair for their incredible chemistry and understanding.

Viewers were happy to see the Sister Wives celeb find the love of her life. They have set the bar high with their unique bonding and lovable personalities. Finally, Christine and David walked down the aisle after months of dating each other.

Christine is head over heels in love with her new husband. She even started sharing the sweet little moments of her dating period with her fans. Recently, the TLC celeb opened up about their first chat on the dating app.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares The CUTE Story Of Her First CHAT With David!

Christine and David have developed an unbreakable bond in only a few months. They surprised the fans on October 7 with their wedding pictures. Fans were happy to see the two finally getting married. Recently, the former shared a cute story of her first conversation with fans.

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According to People, Christine spilled about some lovely moments with her husband during their first chat. Seemingly, the couple met on a dating site, Stir, made for single parents. Hence, the TLC celeb made the first move to connect and chat with David Woolley.

However, Christine explained that her partner revealed his love for camping at one point. The former stated, “‘That’s not going to work for me then.” Also, she threw her phone across the bed, thinking, “Nah.” Finally, she decided to give it a go after thinking of acting like an adult.

Brown thought, “What if he’s the love of my life, is camping going to stop that?” The reality TV celeb instantly messaged him, and he asked, “‘A tent?” Later, Woolley stated that he was into glamping, and she was happy that it would work for her.

Further, the Sister Wives celeb, Christine, explained to David that camping wasn’t her cup of tea. Finally, they decided to meet up for a date, and it went great. She also stated that she had lined up another guy for that night. But she canceled on him, thinking that she and David had a connection.

Sister Wives: Christine Spills About David’s Reaction Upon Knowing Her Plural Family!

Christine and David’s wedding became the most anticipated wedding due to their incredible chemistry. Recently, the former opened up about her fear of talking about 6 kids and 3 other Sister Wives. She stated that David has a large family with eight kids.

Hence, David didn’t have any issues with her large family. The TLC star also informed her partner that she went everywhere with Janelle and her kids. Surprisingly, David was like, “Okay,” and he was chilled out. Seemingly, Chrsitine’s current husband is a part of the Mormon community, too.

Sister Wives

So, David has been aware of polygamous marriages. The mom-of-six was happy to meet a person who understood her. Also, they were glad that they clicked so soon.

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