Sister Wives: Two Of Kody Brown’s Kids Are BLOCKING Him — Find Out Who

Sister Wives star Kody Brown shares an estranged relationship with most of his older kids. There have been several instances when he was spotted favoring his younger ones while neglecting the adults. Hence, soon the patriarch’s bond with his own children started to deteriorate.

Amid all this, viewers were in shock when Kody openly ended up talking about two of his kids who are now ‘blocking’ him! Who are they? Is his kids really on the verge of blocking him now? Is it that bad? What are the Browns up to?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Reveals 2 Kids Who Are ‘Blocking’ Him Now

It isn’t a hidden fact that Sister Wives star Kody Brown doesn’t share a great relationship with most of his kids. But he shares the most deteriorated bond with Janelle’s sons, Gabe and Garrison. Their issues started during the pandemic when the latter made it clear that they wouldn’t be abiding by their father’s unrealistic COVID-19 rules.

However, since then, their bond with the patriarch has never been stable. Recently, Kody talked about the same and revealed that he has tried reaching out to Gabe and Garrison. He claimed that he did that before and even after Christmas as well.

Sister Wives

Kody stated, “No, they’re blocking me.” He added that Gabe and Garrison aren’t “interested” in talking to him now. Garrison, on the other hand, revealed that his father “doesn’t care to” know anything about his life at all. He claimed that he had bought a “house,” got into a “school,” and also got a car, which Kody told him that he should never get.

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As per the star kid, Garrison, all this has happened in the duration since he “last talked” to his father! He confessed that Kody doesn’t know any of this because he simply doesn’t “care” enough to learn about his whereabouts. It is evident that there is a huge gap in time, carelessness, and misunderstandings created between Kody and his sons.

Sister Wives: Janelle Shares The REAL REASON Behind Father-Sons Feud

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been the one who has closely observed Kody and her sons’ feud. She even took the side of the latter and chose to part ways with the former. However, the celeb recently decided to talk about the REAL reason why Gabe and Garrison are having issues with their father.

Janelle explained how Kody seems to have “trouble relating” to his adult kids while he still dotes on the younger children. She recalled how when her sons were at a tender age, it was easy for the patriarch to be a “father” to them.


Janelle explained that as kids grow up, they start to “question” Kody a bit, which is perhaps the main reason for their issues. She believes that maybe her estranged husband finds it difficult to feel respected in this manner. Hence, this often leads to clashes and arguments between them.

However, now it seems that Gabe and Garrison have had enough of Kody. They no longer desire to mend fences with the latter and want to stay away from Robyn as well. So, for now, they aren’t planning to “step down either.”

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