Sister Wives: TLC Will Give Robyn & Kody A Separate Show? Well, They’re Dreaming

Season 18 of the Sister Wives series has been showing the demise of Kody’s large polygamous family. He had a dream of building a plural family and being its ultimate leader. The Brown family Patriarch made a rulebook for his four wives and 18 kids, so they obeyed his wishes.

The Browns had created their own world with their own customs and traditions. However, Kody’s dreams began shattering the day Christine made a decision to walk out of the complex family structure.

Robyn has become Kody’s only wife to stay by his side after Janelle and Meri called it quits, too. Currently, the couple is living a monogamous life. Now, it appears that they wanted to have their separate show. Is that true?

Sister Wives: Robyn & Kody Want Their Own Show? Will TLC Renew It?

Sister Wives stars Robyn and Kody have become the ultimate villains of the series in the eyes of the audience. Season 18 has drastically ripped their reputation among the fans. Seemingly, viewers have sided with the exes of Kody Brown and sympathized with them.

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In fact, they want the former wives to have their separate spinoffs. Recently, Christine and David tied the knot in a fairytale wedding. The audience wants them to be a part of their own spin-off. Meanwhile, Janelle and Meri Brown are exploring their singlehood and reaching new heights of success.

Fans are wondering about the future of the show. Robyn has to find another Sister Wife to continue her journey on the reality show. However, she allegedly refused to allow her husband to bring another wife into the family.

Sister Wives viewers are not ready to accept Kody and his only remaining wife to be the front face of the series. After all, no one is going to tune in to watch Robyn’s crying face and Kody’s selfish and narcissistic behavior.

Also, Kody dissolved his family LLC to start a separate partnership with Robyn. Also, he named the new business DABSARK with the initials of the couple, along with their children, Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Ariella, Solomon, Robyn, and Kody.

Now it appears that Robyn and his monogamous husband thought they were going to bag their separate spinoff. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen so easily. It is because fans are quite confident that the new show will be a total flop.

Sister Wives: Kody Defends Robyn & Calls His Older Children Jerks!

Kody Brown from Sister Wives has lost all the respect in the eyes of his older children. His relationship with Janelle’s children started deteriorating after Covid. Recently, Gabe and Garrison blamed his dad’s fourth wife for turning him against them.

But Kody decided to defend his ‘favorite’ wife from all the blame. The Sister Wives star stated that all of them were just kind of “jerks.” He didn’t want to be around them, and he was tired of it. Also, he made it clear that his fourth wife didn’t make the rules at that time.

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