‘Sister Wives’ TLC Cash Will Bring Brown Family Reunion?

Will TLC cash bring the Sister Wives family together for a Brown family reunion? It was proposed in the latest episode and some were vehemently against it. Yet, money talks so will it speak loudly enough to get them all to say yes? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives TLC Cash Will Bring Brown Family Reunion?

When Christine Brown left the plural family, she made a few things very clear. She wanted nothing to do with her former sister wives, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown. Christine noted that Meri had been horrible to her and had mocked her in front of family and friends. The cruelty was too much for her to take and she did not foresee them having a relationship going forward. As for Robyn, they never really had a relationship plus there had been a lot of favoritism between her and Kody. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown even admitted that Robyn was the love of his life.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
Robyn Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown/YouTube
Yet, would this all change for TLC money? It seems that Meri Brown has been called out by fans for playing the game for money. She is no longer in a real relationship with Kody yet she sticks around as a doormat just to collect the show money. Without the ladies of the show participating, there is no show. Even Christine, who has moved on, still traveled to Flagstaff for her confessionals. She even films her life and interacts often with Janelle, proving money talks.

Do It For The Cash

Kody Brown loves doing Cameos and he loves his luxury trips and cars. More so, Robyn Brown likes to shop and have a nanny. Therefore, it is very possible if TLC offered them the right price for a Sister Wives reunion, they might bite, obviously with terms and conditions. Yet, fans did see, through the reunion talk, that Kody and Robyn really are the problem.


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Do you think that, for the right price, a reunion could be arranged or is it a lost cause? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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