Sister Wives: The 8 Worst Things Paedon’s Said About Robyn, Kody & Other Browns Ranked

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown's one of the most outspoken cast members, and he can be a harsh critic. He's dissed Kody, Robyn and his siblings.

  •  Paedon Brown criticizes his family, including his father Kody and the patriarch’s favorite wife, Robyn. Paedon wreaks havoc in the Brown family, just like his dad.
  •  Kody’s children, including Paedon, feel neglected by their father. Paedon and Kody aren’t on speaking terms.
  •  Paedon believes that Kody and Robyn are responsible for the dysfunction in the family. Has Kody’s love for Robyn destroyed the famous reality TV family?

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown has a lot to say about his nearest and dearest, and some of his quotes are blistering. He’s really into feuding with his family, including Kody and Robyn Brown. Since Paedon can be bombastic, he rubs people the wrong way. In fact, he isn’t speaking to his own father right now. However, Kody’s not his only target.

During Sister Wives season 18, Paedon’s on his mother Christine Brown’s side. She left Kody Brown, and Paedon’s glad she did. His father irritates him, and so does Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn. However, Paedon’s disdain doesn’t stop there. He also has it in for some of his siblings. Like Kody, Paedon lashes out without thinking twice, and tends to blame other people for the conflicts. Paedon has trouble looking within, and his poor self-awareness has sparked plenty of drama. While everything’s not his fault, he frequently stirs the pot.

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown’s been involved in a lot of feuds with family members. He may be the problem. Is the reality star a monster?

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8“We Ask Him For Help & He Doesn’t Give It To Us” (Paedon Shared How Meri, Christine & Robyn Really Feel About Kody)

Is Kody Brown A Bad Dad?

Reality TV show star Paedon loves to gossip, and he did a long interview with John Yates (via YouTube), where he unloaded, sharing sometimes shocking views on Kody and others. In this video chat, he said that Kody’s non-Robyn wives feel like he doesn’t care about them. Paedon thinks they try to get Kody to help them, but the patriarch won’t give them any support. This all computes, as season 18’s clearly about Kody’s unwillingness (or inability) to please his less-loved wives.

Paedon seems to enjoy causing trouble. He possibly carries a lot of bitterness when it comes to his father and Robyn. In particular, Paedon seems very disappointed by his dad. Since Kody has 18 children, he’s spread himself very thin. A lot of his kids, including Gabriel and Savanah Brown, feel like they don’t get enough attention or resources. Most of the kids are fairly quiet in terms of voicing feelings about their father, but Paedon and Gwendlyn Brown have always been very outspoken.

The other Brown children are actually following suit. They’re getting bolder, which is a sign that Kody’s really dropped the ball as a dad. He wasn’t there for a lot of his kids during the pandemic, and this led to serious rifts that haven’t healed. When Kody’s confronted with all of this, he tends to deflect. He tries to project his flaws onto other people. If he essentially emotionally abandoned certain children during the COVID-19 pandemic, he’ll say they abandoned him. He did so when he told Janelle Brown that he tried to reach out to their kids to resolve their issues, but they wouldn’t meet him halfway.

7Paedon Said Kody Told Him, “How Dare You Treat Me Like This”

Does Kody Brown Feel Sorry For Himself?

During the same no-holds-barred interview, Paedon claimed that Kody said he was, “disrespectful,” They were arguing about something petty, and Kody told him, “how dare you treat me like this.” It’s quite common for Kody to play the victim, and he overreacts. His stock in trade is manipulation. By twisting things around to make his own child seem like a villain, he attempts to make himself look better.

While there are two sides to every story, Kody spends too much of his time trying to improve his image. He’d be better off trying to solve the problems that are at the root of his family dysfunction. He’s brought the Brown family down for one reason: Robyn Brown. Since Kody’s in love with Robyn, and spends most of his time with her and their children, he’s created a power imbalance that no one can ignore. There’s so much bad blood, and Kody never says, “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop favoring Robyn.”

Everyone knows that Sister Wives season 18 celeb Kody’s at fault, but he won’t say he is, and that’s why Paedon (and other Brown kids, including Gwendlyn) take to YouTube to speak out. It’s their way of making it clear exactly where they stand. While Kody feels “disrespected,” his kids and non-Robyn wives have felt that way forever. They have a lot more cause to feel hard done by than Kody does.

6Paedon’s Still Hoping To “Get The Man That My Father Was Back”

Paedon Brown Doesn’t Hold Back About Kody

Sister Wives Kody Brown with Janelle in the background

In another brutal diss from the same chat, Paedon put down his dad, strongly implying that Kody’s a mere shadow of who he used to be. Hearing these insults must really hurt Kody, and flinging mud this way definitely won’t help Paedon to fix his relationship with his dad. It’s been a long time since the two males got along, and it’s sad how things have deteriorated.

Fathers need to feel important. In particular, Kody, whose ego’s quite fragile, needs positive reinforcement in order to thrive. Paedon’s unwilling to stroke his ego. If the son’s approach was a little softer, it might help Paedon to find common ground with his father. As it stands, both are locked into their points of view. Both are very stubborn people – they share DNA, after all. Right now, it doesn’t seem like they’ll stop feuding. However, in the future, one of them might change his energy, and this could alter the dynamic. One of them has to change, or things will always be the same.

5“My Mom’s Kids And Janelle’s Kids Have Chosen A Side”

Is The Brown Family Against Kody?

Kody and Christine from Sister Wives, looking angry

In a confessional, Paedon said that he’d taken Christine’s side with regard to her problems with Kody. He also said that Janelle’s kid were against Kody. This stuff is very nasty, as Kody’s their father. So, it’s no wonder that Kody feels paranoid. He seems to consider his exes and their kids enemies. This warped viewpoint is detrimental to the goal of establishing peace in the family, and it makes co-parenting almost impossible.

Kids need both parents, and the adults in the Brown household have lost sight of that. When kids pick a side, they lose. However, the exes may be encouraging their kids to feud with Kody. During splits, bitterness prevails, and people don’t behave well. They can use children as pawns, even if they don’t mean to. So, when Kody says that his exes are turning the kids against him, he may have a point. However, he’s done plenty of bad things himself. Otherwise, Christine wouldn’t have left. Janelle just bailed out, and Meri’s going to go the same route.

4He Told Christine Brown She Was “Rushing” Her Relationship With David Wooley

Is Paedon Brown Insensitive?

Paedon is so close to Christine, and it’s great that he loves her the way that he does. However, he may be a little too protective, as he said that she was “rushing” her relationship with David Woolley. Since Christine and David are now married, Paedon probably should have kept his mouth shut. There’s no way David didn’t find out about that remark, and he may have been offended. While David could understand that Paedon just wants to ensure that his mom doean’t get hurt again, it could drive a wedge between the new husband and his son-in-law.

Paedon may have regretted saying that, as the TikTok video where he spouted off is now unavailable. It’s probably for the best that it was wiped off the Web, but stuff that’s posted online is basically forever, deleted or not. It’s referenced by other social media users or websites, so it never really goes away.

Hopefully, David and Paedon will get along. Christine doesn’t need any more drama. She had plenty during her grueling years with Kody. However, Paedon’s a lightning rod for controversy. It’s rather unlikely that he’ll have a peaceful relationship with Christine’s new man. If Paedon feuds with almost anyone, he’s bound to feud with David eventually. That’s just the way Paedon is. Maybe he’ll rein it in for Christine’s sake. Can he make that kind of sacrifice? He might be able to, as Christine’s so important to him, but on the other hand, his temper flares. When it does, he doesn’t stop to think.

3“Robyn Sees What She Sees…”

Is Robyn Brown Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses?

During a tell-all, Paedon explained that Christine and Kody had been having problems since day one, but also said that Robyn doesn’t always get things right. He meant that her perceptions about the Brown family, and Kody and Christine’s relationship, sometimes miss the mark. While he was fairly charitable about Robyn here, he still managed to put her down.

Robyn’s a convenient Sister Wives villain, as she got Kody’s love while the other wives tried to do the same, but failed. It’s easy to paint her as a cross between Lady MacBeth and Cruella De Vil, but the truth may be more complicated. When the unloved wives condemn Robyn, they should probably be blaming Kody instead. He was the one who vowed to love them forever. So, although Robyn deserves criticism, mostly for her endless passive-aggressive behavior, Kody is also a factor.

Robyn gets a staggering amount of hate, but Kody chose to favor her. That choice was so pivotal. Its byproduct is a plural marriage that imploded in a dramatic and disturbing way. What Robyn sees may not always be accurate, but she still has enough power to topple a family that lurched on for decades. Now, Robyn wants monogamy, and she’ll get her way. She always does. Kody’s days as a polygamist are over, because that’s how Sobbin’ Robyn wants it.

2Paedon Doesn’t Think Polygamy “Works For My Family Anymore”

Paedon Brown Is So Over Plural Marriage

Onscreen, Paedon said that plural marriage isn’t working for the Browns anymore. This wasn’t a shocking statement, as Christine’s said the same. However, to hear it from a Brown child gives it more gravity. The kids are the collateral damage in all of this romantic (or deeply unromantic, in this case) drama. Unloved wives are lashing out, after years of storing up rage. When they explode, their kids can be hurt too.

Kids are often very attached to their mothers. Although there are a lot of exceptions, moms still do a lot of childcare, and form strong bonds with their children. This is especially true in plural marriages, where the man’s the head of the household. So, the Brown kids did bond with their mothers, and some of them didn’t bond so well with dad. Maybe Kody was very busy trying to make money. Maybe giving 18 children equal time and attention was too Herculean of a task. For whatever reason, the kids are all about their mothers.

1Paedon Brown Never Really Felt “Safe” With Meri Brown

Paedon Said That Meri Brown “Went Beyond” Verbal Abuse

Paedon probably shocked a lot of Sister Wives fans when he said that he never,“felt safe” around Meri. However, he didn’t stop there. He got into a lot more detail, alleging that Meri emotionally and physically abused Brown kids, as per the John Yates interview. These claims are very serious, and Meri never really addressed them. Since she wouldn’t dispute his harsh allegations directly, there are always questions about what really happened.

Meri’s generally considered a meek and mild person. She’s not one to share a lot of angry feelings openly. So, it would be very surprising if she has a shadow side. However, it’s not impossible. If it’s true, accusing someone of abuse isn’t wrong. However, it’s a major step to take, and once it’s taken, there’s no going back.

Of course, Paedon and Meri aren’t friends now. Too much has happened, and neither seems to mind that they aren’t close. In fact, Meri probably dislikes Paedon for saying those things, which damaged her reputation. Only the people who were there know what really went on. So, the truth about this situation may never come to light.

Sister Wives season 18 isn’t over yet, so the wild ride hasn’t concluded. However, offscreen, Kody has only one wife, Robyn, and his feuds with some of his kids continue. Is what Kody has now worth what he’s given up? That’s for him to decide.

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