Sister Wives: The 8 Worst Things Kody Brown’s Said About His Exes & Kids Ranked

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has said some terrible things through the years, but what he's said about his ex-wives and kids is more than awful.

  •  Kody Brown’s emotional outbursts and anger have strained his relationships with his family and the Sister Wives community.
  •  Despite claiming to multiply his love, Kody’s affection is often divided and focused primarily on his wife, Robyn.
  •  Kody’s lack of listening and his desire to be the absolute head of the household have caused conflicts with his wives and children.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown is known for saying outlandish things when he’s lashing out emotionally, especially when it comes to his family. Though Kody tries to appear calm and collected, the Sister Wives season 18 star has been quick to anger for years. Things have only gotten worse since his relationships began to crumble. Kody, who spent Sister Wives season 17 watching his marriage to Christine Brown crumble, has been open with his family about the issues he’s had with them in the past. While his wife, Robyn Brown, tends to get less criticism than his ex-wives, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown, Kody has something to say about everyone.

Though Kody may be working hard at trying to keep the Brown family together publicly, in private he’s a much more difficult person to deal with. Kody’s emotional outbursts and moments of anger have been tough to watch, especially since he’s lashing out at his family. With Kody’s wives and the Brown children all speaking out against the way he’s treated them in recent years, Kody’s actions have been admonished by the Sister Wives community at large. In his consistent anger, Kody has alienated himself from his family and the community he’s built.

8“There is no way for me to enjoy her company.”

Sister Wives Season 18, Episode 2

After seasons of turmoil between Kody and Christine, things came to a head for the couple during Sister Wives season 17. Kody’s marriage to Christine wasn’t sustainable, so she decided to pull the plug on the relationship for both of them. Christine’s decision to leave wasn’t easy for Kody to handle, especially considering it took her from the family’s home in Flagstaff, Arizona, to Salt Lake City, Utah. In an episode of Sister Wives season 18, Kody shared that he felt so hurt by Christine that there was “no way for me to enjoy her company” after the exes tried to share an amicable meal to discuss their daughter, Truely Brown.

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7“Love should be multiplied, not divided.”

Sister Wives Season 1, Episode 1

Sister Wives Kody Brown

Kody’s typical philosophy goes against this idea, as he’s proven time and time again that his love is almost always divided rather than multiplied among his marriages. For Kody, the idea that he’s able to multiply his love is comical. After marrying Robyn in 2014, Kody began to separate his remaining marriages even more than they were before. It’s ironic that Kody would say something about multiplying his love when it’s very clear that his affection has been divided for a long time, and the Sister Wives patriarch is only interested in expressing affection toward Robyn rather than in any of his other long-standing relationships.

6“YOU don’t listen!”

Sister Wives Season 18, Episode 3

Sister Wives Kody Brown with Janelle in the background

After a difficult fight between Kody and Janelle where the couple was left screaming at each other during Sister Wives season 18, episode 3, things were tense and heated for the typically calm pair. While Kody is known to be quick to anger, Janelle is usually even-keeled in her behavior. She’s usually the last person to fight when it comes to the Brown family, so seeing her get upset with Kody was tough, especially when he accused her of not listening to him. Kody, who spent the entire argument yelling over Janelle, listens the least of any member of the Brown family, including his young children.

5“I’m going to be the head of my household again, and so I’m not going to be circumvented in that.”

Sister Wives Season 17

Kody and Christine from Sister Wives, looking angry

As Kody and Christine navigated through their issues during Sister Wives season 17, some of Kody’s newfound philosophies were difficult for the Sister Wives stars to understand. While Kody had always held himself to a certain level of patriarchy, the downtime he had during COVID-19 allowed him to turn over a new leaf when it came to masculinity and propagating inherently patriarchal beliefs. Kody wanted to return to a form of patriarchy that the Brown family had never actually been a part of and shared that his wives needed to conform to him being the head of their proverbial household.

Sister Wives Season 17, Episode 10

Sister Wives' Kody Brown, with Janelle and Christine Brown, looking serious

Although Kody’s request to honor the entire family wasn’t exactly out of left field, the conditions he put around it were harsh and conditional. While talking to Christine about the state of their relationship, Kody was quick to share that the conditions he had for sharing love and affection with his wife were based on his beliefs in the patriarchy. Kody explained that if Christine could “honor” the entire family, he would then choose to love her. Offering love as a conditional emotion is harsh, especially coming from someone who has been married to their spouse for nearly 30 years.

3“Well, I’m just not interested. You can stick around if you want.”

Sister Wives season 18

In a recent episode of Sister Wives season 18, Meri and Robyn explained Meri’s next phase of life to an uninterested Kody as they gathered around her kitchen counter. While Meri was nervous to tell Kody she was moving her business ventures to Utah, it wasn’t long before Kody had checked out of the conversation. Meri had sat down with Robyn beforehand to try and mitigate any drama and was crestfallen by Kody’s reaction. When discussing the living arrangements Meri would be making in Flagstaff, Kody shared that she could stick around if she wanted but made it clear he couldn’t care less about the conversation.

2Kody Mourned His “Loss Of Power In The Household”

Kody Wants To Be In Charge

Montage of Sister Wives' Kody Brown with Robyn

After realizing that his plan for plural marriage wasn’t going to continue to work, Kody took some time to mourn the life he’d visualized for himself. Though it was clear Kody wasn’t happy about the state of his marriage, he also wasn’t happy with the way his older children perceived him. Kody felt this was due to the way their mothers had talked about him and had nothing to do with his actions as a father. While Kody’s older children have shared how they feel about his lack of interest in them, Kody has taken a different route, choosing to mourn his loss of power rather than rebuild relationships.

1“I don’t have sons. They’re all dead to me.”

Kody Has Banished His Sons

Montage of Sister Wives star Kody Brown with his kids

Although Kody’s been dramatic about his family in the past, one of his most disgusting statements was surrounding the feud he’s been in with his sons. Kody’s been an absentee parent for years, popping in and out of his kids’ lives as they’ve grown older with little interest in them unless they have something to offer him. After a particularly bad argument during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kody explained that he doesn’t consider his sons part of the family. Sharing that “they’re all dead to [him],” Kody made it clear he isn’t interested in fostering relationships with his kids at all, despite saying otherwise.

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