Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Is Trying To Rebrand Her Image But Fans Aren’t Falling For It

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives is trying to paint herself as shy, but fans remember enough instances where she has been the complete opposite.

  •  Many Sister Wives viewers think Robyn Brown’s attempt to rebrand herself as shy is insincere, as she has been outspoken and blunt in the past.
  •  There is speculation that Robyn’s change in demeanor is a response to the backlash she has received from fans for allegedly destroying her sister wives’ marriages.
  •  While it’s possible that Robyn may be shy to some extent, viewers don’t believe it because her previous behavior and interactions in front of the cameras have contradicted this newfound personality trait.

Recently, many fans noted how Robyn has been “subdued” and trying to change her imageFatsandlucifer started a Reddit thread discussing how Robyn has started playing “this really weird and awkward shy role” in Kody’s Cameos and podcast. The Redditor added, “You can’t just retcon 18 seasons of a show.”

People feel that Robyn is trying to rebrand herself as shy when she has acted the opposite for the last 10 years. The Reddit thread’s OP later commented, “They want us to confuse her overemotional demeanor as shy.” SupremelySara wrote, “No one believes that nonsense.”

Is Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Actually Shy?

Montage of Robyn Brown from Sister Wives looking shady

Kody has praised Robyn a lot in the past. He has talked about how she’s “loyal” and “obedient.” Now he claims that she’s a shy person. However, it’s hard to believe that because Robyn has been very blunt in front of the cameras. Previously, the Brown family matriarch discussed Kody’s former wives Meri, Christine, and Janelle, implying they weren’t beautiful in the later years of their marriage. She even openly insulted their financial conditions, which proves she was never shy. There is some suggestion that Robyn has ulterior motives for pretending to be involuntarily introverted.

There are a few reasons why Kody and Robyn may be trying to paint a new picture on social media. It might have to do with all the negativity they’re receiving. Recently, Robyn has come under fire for supposedly destroying Meri, Janelle, and Christine’s marriages with Kody. Therefore, Robyn may be trying to rebrand herself as shy and quiet to make people forget. There is also a minor possibility that Kody wants to build a new dynamic with Robyn for Sister Wives and Cameos. Since he is despised, he wants Robyn to be likable and balance his negativity.

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