‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Says Kody and Robyn Have a ‘Different Covenant’ in Their Marriage

Sister Wives star Meri Brown claims that Kody Brown and Robyn Brown adhered to a “different covenant” in their marriage compared to Kody’s other wives in part 3 of the one-on-one special, which aired on Sunday, December 10.

Kody, 54, responded to Meri’s claims and said that the other wives knew about his covenant with Robyn, 45, and that both he and the mom of five agreed that they wouldn’t be married if they didn’t love each other. The reality TV star also added that he told Christine Brown, Meri, 52, and Janelle Brown that if they didn’t like it, they were free to leave.

Kody also pointed out that while he wants Meri to have the best life she can, his covenant with her did not “include the dissolution of my soul or personality.”

“I’m not going to do what’s been done to me by trash talking her, making her seem small so that I feel better about how badly I’ve treated her coming up,” Kody explained.

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Since the beginning, Kody’s relationship with Robyn caused issues in his marriages to Christine, 51, Janelle, 54, and Meri, with Christine even saying that Robyn “intervened” in Kody’s other marriages.

Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Kody Brown, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.
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“Robyn convinced all of us that she could speak Kody and that she would mediate our relationships. I even asked her one time to mediate our relationship. And I remember going, ‘No, no, no, no, girl, you know him. You can talk to him yourself. You’re just fine,’” Christine said during part 1 of the Sister Wives tell-all. “She convinced all of us that she needed to be there in the relationship, that she can speak Kody, and we can’t.”

Janelle also agreed that Robyn’s offers to help mediate the issues within the family to Kody weren’t needed.

“I’m like, ‘Well, I don’t know if I really need someone to translate for me. We’ve been married a long time. We did OK without you,’” Janelle said. “I think I speak Kody.”

Kody previously dropped a bombshell regarding his feelings for Christine, Meri and Janelle when he told host Sukanya Krishnan that he wasn’t “in love” with any of his former sister wives. He claims that the “experience” required him to have more than one wife and that he didn’t properly “vet” his wives before marriage.

When Sukanya asked how his marriage with Robyn was different, Kody replied, “Well, I fell in love with Robyn. I never fell in love with anybody else, I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love.”

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