‘Sister Wives’ Star Janelle Brown Shocks Everyone by Labeling Her Relationship as ‘Friends With Benefits’

Janelle Brown finally revealed what her relationship with Kody Brown was like. She recently said they were "friends with benefits" for years before their split.

Over and over again, two of Kody Brown’s first three wives have mentioned a lack of intimacy in their marriages. It was pretty easy to assume that Janelle Brown, although reluctant to speak about it on Sister Wives, was also experiencing a dead bedroom following Robyn Brown’s entrance into the family. Apparently, that was not and has never been the case. Janelle Brown shocked viewers by describing her relationship with Kody as a “friends with benefits” situation. While Janelle never came out and overtly said it, the description suggests the intimate side of their relationship didn’t suffer. Clearly, every other part of it did.

Janelle Brown reveals she and Kody Brown were ‘friends with benefits’ for years

The Sister Wives cast can still surprise viewers, even after 18 seasons. Over the last few seasons, each cast member has delivered a bombshell revelation or two. Janelle delivered one in the most recent episode of the series when she described her and Kody Brown’s relationship over the last several years as “friends with benefits.”

Kody Brown critcizes Janelle Brown during rare season 17 sitdown on 'Sister Wives'; their relationship has since ended
Janelle Brown and Kody Brown | TLC/YouTube

The ever-independent Janelle has always required less overt attention from Kody Brown and likely felt perfectly comfortable with a situation where she had a part-time partner. Likewise, Kody probably felt comfortable maintaining the intimate side of their relationship because Janelle asked for little else from him.

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Things appear to be falling apart now because Janelle no longer sees Kody bringing a great deal of value to her life. It’s clear that their “friends with benefits” setup worked for years, though. Kody is hardly her friend now. Janelle appears to be mourning the loss of that dynamic rather than the death of a full, robust marriage.

Sex wasn’t on the table for Meri and Christine Brown

Christine Brown sits down for a confessional interview during season 18 of 'Sister Wives'
Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

Christine Brown took Kody at his word when he said sex wasn’t really on the menu during a season 16 episode. Shortly after the admission, she boxed up his things and sent him on his way. Christine has given multiple reasons for the end of her marriage since that moment. Still, a lack of intimacy certainly seems to have lit the fuse.

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