‘Sister Wives’ Spoiler: Kody Brown Finally Reveals SHOCKING True Motives

Sister Wives spoilers for Season 18, Episode 8 revealed that Kody Brown addresses why he bothers with the wives who left him and exposes his shocking true motives. Finally, he might actually be honest about pursuing any further relationship with Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives Teaser Comes After Meri Plans For Parowan

Ahead of Season 18, TLC fans heard that Kody helped move Meri from Flagstaff to Parowan. Then, teasers revealed that she talked with Robyn about the move. Finally in Episdoe 8 of the current season, fans saw Mero chatting with Robyn about moving away and basing her business at the BNB. And so, viewers finally saw it play out from the trailer where they heard her tell Kody’s favorite wife that he’s “done with me.”

Of course, viewers also saw Janelle and Christine talking about their new lives without their spiritual husband. Clearly, the reason why the Sister Wives patriarch speaks with them hasn’t resonated with them yet. Slow to sweet-talk Janelle again, he openly welcomed Truely at his home for Christmas. And, he and Janelle have talked about her possibly getting marriage counseling.  But, are they wasting their time talking to him?


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Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Reveals His True Motives

Considering that Christine left Kody Brown under a toxic cloud, it seems amazing that they still talk to each other. Actually, TLC fans saw his former third wife trying to lift his gloom and at least relax enough to remember the past with some affection. Not that he was laughing. Meanwhile, he gave Janelle the time to talk about her future with him after their fight. However, it seems that it is all just a facade and he really doesn’t care for either of them in the slightest.


Sister Wives fans saw in the preview for next Sunday’s episode that Kody made a startling admission. Speaking about Robyn, he claimed, “I’ve got one wife [Robyn] that I’ve got a great relationship with.” However, he added, “I’m afraid that if I abandon these women, [Meri, Jeanelle, and Christine] that [Robyn] will lose respect for me.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown Finally Reveals SHOCKING True Motives TLC
Sister Wives – Kody Brown Only Has One Wife He Cares For – TLC

Robyn Looks Terribly Sad

Sister Wives fans noticed that when Robyn accepted Meri’s choice to move to Parowan, she genuinely looked sad. One fan opined, ” She’s lost all of the light in her eyes and looks so miserable I think it’s making her sick. She doesn’t look healthy. She’s manipulative but she’s also a destroyed person.”

Another fan opined, “I think part of his furious anger is being left with the only wife that loved him less than he loved her. The OG3 spent decades fighting over who loved him the most while he responded by choosing which one was performing it the best.”

Do you think that Kody’s admission that he only bothers with Meri, Christine, and Janelle because he might lose respect from Robyn, might backfire? Do you think Robyn cools off in her relationship with him? What if he ends up with all his eggs in one basket, and the eggs explodes in his face? Sound off in the comments below and come back here often for more spoilers about Sister Wives on TLC.

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