‘Sister Wives’ Solomon Brown Reveals Truth Show Is Scripted

Did Solomon Brown just reveal TLC’s Sister Wives was actually as scripted as fans always thought it was? Turns out, fans clocked him tripping over his words during a confessional with his sister Ariella. Sister Wives fans quickly rushed to Reddit to call attention to what Solomon said while he was tripping over his words. Did he just confirm the show is scripted? Keep reading for a recap of exactly what Solomon said while he was sitting on the couch with his sister.

Sister Wives Solomon Brown Reveals Truth Show Is Scripted

On the most recent episode of Sister Wives, fans got to go inside Kody and Robyn Brown’s house. It was the first Christmas for the family after Christine left. And, things were tense between Kody and Janelle. So, the episode largely featured Robyn, Kody, Meri, and the children Kody and Robyn shared. The episode even featured Solomon and Ariella sitting down on the couch for a confessional together. It was during the confessional that fans believe Solomon accidentally confirmed the show was scripted.

Ari and Sol - YouTube/TLC
Ari and Sol – YouTube/TLC

While chatting with the camera, Solomon proceeded to describe his sister. He listed a few characteristics he said he thought described his sister. He, however, admitted he couldn’t remember what the fifth one was. Now, the children had not previously discussed putting a number on how many characteristics he would list. So, fans were a bit baffled as to where the number five came from. Was he told what to say beforehand? Was this confession him admitting he forgot some of his lines?

Sister Wives fans were pretty convinced that is exactly what happened.

Solomon Brown Instagram Sister Wives

On Reddit, fans admitted the dialogue as a whole between Ariella and her brother Solomon Brown felt pretty scripted. Fans argued it just didn’t seem like a very natural way for two siblings to communicate. Moreover, the only time siblings tended to list good qualities about each other was when an adult prompted them to do so. Here’s some of what fans had to say about the scene and the show being scripted:

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  • “It totally seemed like it was scripted. Also, Ariella seems like she’s auditioning for some role in a movie, or tv show. She was acting like Darla, from the old school ‘Little Rascals’.”
  • “Also, Ari dressed in that pale-blue confection with matching bow just sent me for some reason. It’s like Robyn is having her audition for a Shirley Temple tribute thing.”
  • “They make them say things several times. I’ve seen bloopers from the Duggar kids and it’s the same thing.”

Sister Wives fans pointed out that his sister Ariella also felt like she was trying to put on a show for the cameras during the same confessional scene.

Ariella and Solomon Brown - YouTube

Did you catch exactly what he said while he was sitting on the couch with his sister Ariella? Do you agree with other fans that the entire confessional with the siblings felt scripted?

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