‘Sister Wives’ Shocking Truth Behind Kody’s Rage For Gabriel & Garrison

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to have written off his sons, Gabriel “Gabe” and Garrison. On the surface of it, he could patch things up, but TLC fans think he never will. And now, they believe they pinpointed the reason for that. Actually, it makes sense because it explains why he ghosted Janelle’s family at Christmas.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Clashed With Gabe And Garrison

TLC viewers were shocked because the dad of Gabe and Garrison deliberately prevented them from participating in the festive season celebrations. Actually, viewers saw that in 2022, and again in season 18. Their dad wanted them to apologize and clear the air for being bad boys during the coronavirus. However, many people think that even if they do, it won’t ever fix things between father and sons.

Kody Brown and Gabe clashed seriously during COVID-19. Remember, he drew up a long list of rules, which forbade the family from going out. Gabe resisted that because he was dating a girl. Plus, he was working, as was his brother, Garrison. Garrison backed up his brother in defiance of the stay-at-home rules. After all, their dad hardly ever visited Janelle anyway. Meanwhile, Janelle complained about her spiritual husband demanding that she choose between him and her sons.


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Sister Wives Kody Brown Estranged From Gabe & Garrison

Last year, TLC fans heard that Garrison was completely estranged from his dad. Given that he encouraged his mom to leave after Christine kicked his dad to the curb, probably didn’t endear him to his dad. Meanwhile, Gabe often helps his mom out and he features on social media with her. However, things seem unresolved between him and his father. On Reddit, fans feel that no forgiveness will come because of Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives Shocking Truth Behind Kody's Rage For Gabriel And Garrison - Reddit
Sister Wives fans discuss why Kody Brown won’t forgive Gabe and Garrison – Reddit

The long post revealed that Kody Brown might never forgive his sons because they went over his head and spoke with Robyn. So, as his ego’s the size of Mount Everest, he’s all butt-hurt about that. The OP opined, “Kody is humiliated that his adult-male-manly-military affiliated-girlfriend having sons assume that Kody is an obedient husband to HBIC Robyn.” Of course, that also explains why Robyn doesn’t want them around. After all, she’s always been always the subservient one on the surface of things.

The Boys Do Okay Despite Their Dad’s Shocking Rage

Most people in the discussion agreed that Robyn does wear the pants in the house. Therefore, looking at Kody Brown’s ego, he won’t forgive them for going over his head. Nonetheless, some TLC fans seemed happy that the kids grew up into successful young men. Garrison got his own car and home and recently traveled to Europe with friends.

Meanwhile, Gabe has a nice girlfriend, studies hard at university, and looks after his mom. In fact, it seems that he proved his brother right. Remember, Garrison told his mom, “We don’t need a father figure anymore.”

If Sister Wives viewers are correct, why Kody Brown won’t forgive Gabriel and Garrison makes sense. After all, TLC fans know that he’s got a massive ego. Additionally, how many times did you hear him say that he’s the boss and the wives don’t influence his decisions? Do you agree that the two sons deduced long ago that Robyn really wears the pants in the family? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here often for more Sister Wives news.

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