‘Sister Wives’ Shocking Preview: Kody Brown Calls Christine A ‘B*tch

Since the end of Sister Wives Season 18, TLC has released multiple specials and has more on the horizon. Notably, a new episode will be arriving on screens to close out 2023: Sister Wives Look Back: How It’s Going. During the episode, Kody Brown and the former sister wives will reflect on past footage.

Sneak Peek Of Sister Wives Look Back: How It’s Going Special

In Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek of the Sunday, December 31, episode of the Sister Wives Look Back: How It’s Going special, Kody Brown recalls a discussion with Christine. He tells his now ex-wife, “She called me a coward because I was never willing to break up with her.” Admittedly, he says, “It’s because, well, you’re not really allowed.” As they rewatch their 2021 conversation Christine confronts Kody saying, “Do you want to be married to me?” But he deflects and poses the question to her instead. To which, she replies, “No, I don’t want to be married to you.”

Kody Brown rewatching 2021 Conversation - Sister Wives - TLC
Kody Brown rewatching 2021 Conversation – Sister Wives – TLC

Kody Brown Justifies His Statement

Then, Kody Brown tells about why he thinks it is okay to express that about Christine. He justifies, “When a polygamist husband goes, ‘Hey, listen, I can’t deal with this woman anymore,’ he goes through the church authority channel.” But Kody says they would tell him he’s required to stay based on their eternal bond. Additionally, Kody says, “Once we’ve committed to marry a woman, the choice is gone.” Afterward, Kody admits he was happy Christine was “brave enough” to end their marriage. Crassly, he reminds the viewers, “Because, no, I wasn’t in love with her. As much as I tried to love her, it just wasn’t working all the time.”

The Browns - Sister Wives - TLC
The Browns – Sister Wives – TLC

During the Sister Wives Look Back special, Christine reflects on her perspective of this moment with Kody Brown. Notably, as Kody “released her” by saying he was okay with her not wanting to be in the marriage, she could move on. She says in a relieved way, “That’s the day that I took my power.” Then she elaborates, “I stopped focusing on him and I started focusing on me and my life and my kids.”

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Christine Brown and her family, Sister Wives - TLC
Christine Brown and her family, Sister Wives – TLC

What do you think about Kody Brown referring to Christine as a “b*tch?” Why do you think Kody stayed in the marriage if he was so miserable with her? Do you think he truly believed in the covenant he made to her or did he not want to make the difficult decision? Are you planning to watch the upcoming specials? Drop your comments in the section below. We’d love to know what you think.

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