Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 17 Recap: Most Shocking Moments

Sister Wives: One On One continues to be a massively eye-opening supplement to the most recent season of the series, unpacking the Brown family drama.

  • Meri didn’t appreciate Kody’s lack of communication and wishes he had been more upfront about his feelings regarding their marriage.
  •  Christine and Janelle were shocked that Robyn was present during Meri and Kody’s breakup discussion, feeling it was a lack of respect for Meri.
  •  Kody and Robyn are facing relationship issues, with Kody feeling they are not on the same page about his relationship with Meri. Robyn pushed for reconciliation while Kody wanted to move on.

Kody and Janelle got into what both have called one of the worst arguments in their marriage during Sister Wives season 18 episode 3, with Kody storming out of Janelle’s apartment afterward. The couple didn’t speak for months, and the argument ultimately led them to split. Meri, on the other hand, was strung along until she finally realized Kody wasn’t interested in their marriage anymore. While Robyn has continued to work at her marriage to Kody, things have been difficult as the most dramatic moments of the season continue to be unpacked on Sister Wives: One On One.

Meri Feels Kody Choosing Not To Speak Up About His Feelings Wasn’t Cool

She Wanted Kody To Tell Her To Her Face

Sister Wives Meri Brown Kody Brown

While Meri has been the one advocating the most for her relationship with Kody outside of Robyn, she shared with Sister Wives: One On One host Suki that she didn’t like Kody’s approach in the way he’s spoken about her. Meri first learned that Kody didn’t feel like she was his wife anymore during the Sister Wives season 17 Tell-All, and upon hearing it, was floored he’d never said it to her. She explained that she’d been hopeful that if Kody wanted their marriage to be over, he’d say it to her face rather than letting her continue to have false hope.

Christine & Janelle Shared Their Shock At Robyn’s Presence For Meri’s Breakup

Janelle Called Robyn’s Being There A Red Flag

Sister Wives' Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown, with broken glass

After watching the moment from Sister Wives season 18 episode 15 where Robyn watches on as Meri and Kody discuss their split, both Christine and Janelle were floored. Both couldn’t understand why Robyn was present for the conversation, feeling horrible for Meri that she didn’t get to speak with Kody on her own. While Christine was simply mortified by the situation, Janelle shared that she truly didn’t understand why there was such a lack of respect for Meri. She explained that while Robyn has always acted like she could be a mediator, having her present should’ve been a huge red flag for Meri.

Kody Feels Like He’s On A Different Page From Robyn About Meri

He Never Wanted To Reconcile With Meri, But Robyn Pushed

Although Kody and Robyn have the only marriage left on Sister Wivesthey both shared with host Suki that there are some very real issues in their relationship that neither have addressed with one another yet. Kody shared that he no longer feels like he’s on the same page with Robyn about many things, but especially when it comes to his relationship with Meri. While he was still with his first wife, Kody shared that Robyn was always the person pushing him to repair the marriage. Though Kody says he wanted to let Meri go and move on, Robyn wasn’t okay with that and pushed him to keep trying.

The Wives Shared Their Shock At Who Kody’s Turned Into

Even Robyn Feels Kody Is Unrecognizable

 Montage Of Sister Wives Cast Kody Christine Robyn Brown

Kody began Sister Wives with several of his marriages decades into the relationships, but his wife and ex-wives have all shared that over the course of the last couple years, they don’t recognize Kody as the man he was anymore. Janelle, Christine, and Meri have all shared throughout Sister Wives season 18’s Tell All episodes that Kody has changed from the kind, positive person he was into a paranoid version of himself. While Kody’s ex-wives were open about their feelings, it was shocking to see that even Robyn was open about the fact that Kody has changed in the last few years, letting his anger and paranoia drive his decisions.

Robyn Shared That While She’s In Mourning, Kody Is Angry

She Feels Kody Is Sabotaging Their Relationship

Sister Wives Robyn Brown with Kody in the background

As it becomes clearer that Robyn and Kody are facing issues in their relationship on Sister Wives, Robyn’s actively chosen to speak up about the differences they’re facing as a couple. She shared that it feels like Kody sabotaged his relationships with both Janelle and Meri, and has been trying to sabotage his relationship with her, as well. Robyn explained that she’s had to push Kody to stop picking fights with her about unimportant, silly things. While she’s in mourning of the life they shared together before Christine’s departure, Kody’s simply angry and taking it out on anything he can.

Janelle Explained Kody’s Framed Everyone’s Actions Against Robyn

She Shared He Refused To Let Anyone Speak Their Thoughts On Robyn

While it’s been apparent throughout the Brown family for years that Kody’s affection and care for Robyn has pushed him to be more protective, Janelle explained that he’s taken it to a whole new level in recent years. Janelle shared that rather than listening to what anyone actually has to say about Robyn, Kody simply refuses to hear them out. She felt as Kody’s wife, she should be able to come to him her problems whether they included Robyn or not, but ultimately understood that wasn’t true. For Janelle, the fact that Robyn was a higher priority for Kody was a tough pill to swallow.

Kody Believes Robyn’s Been Blamed By Everyone For Things He’s Done

He Feels Everyone Complains About Robyn Unnecessarily

Sister Wives Kody Brown

On Sister Wives season 18, Kody’s gotten to a point where he doesn’t allow others to speak about Robyn in anything but a positive light in his presence. It appears that he feels a massive sense of guilt when others complain about her. In admitting that he doesn’t want to hear people complaining about Robyn, Kody made it clear that he feels responsible for the hate that Robyn receives both within and outside of the family. Kody feels that people blame Robyn for things he’s done in the past, which he doesn’t feel comfortable with considering he feels Robyn’s getting much more flack than she should.

Meri No Longer Considers Herself A Sister Wife

She Doesn’t Trust Robyn, Who She Used To Feel Had Her Back

Meri Brown from Sister Wives montage

While it was clear that Meri wasn’t happy with the way Kody was treating her throughout the last decade of their marriage, she’s decided to wish him well moving forward as she continues on rebuilding her life on her own. Despite the fact that she’s seemed to soften up on Kody rather quickly, Meri’s feelings about Robyn, Christine, and Janelle have been more surprising. While she shared that she hopes to figure out what her relationship with Robyn looks like as they move forward, she said that she doesn’t consider Robyn her sister wife anymore. Meri doesn’t have sister wives at this point, and she doesn’t trust Robyn the way she used to as she unpacks her feelings about the way she’s behaved.

The Brown Family Gift Exchange Divided The Children Entirely

Robyn Inserted Herself Into The Kids’ Issues

While it was discussed earlier in the season, the Brown children’s holiday gift exchange was an instrumental piece in the family continuing to crumble. Each of the Sister Wives cast members discussed their thoughts on the gift exchange, and Janelle was able to succinctly explain what happened, explaining that Robyn and her children began to lodge long-term complaints at the rest of the kids for not welcoming them into the family when some of the adult children couldn’t agree on a time to have a Zoom meeting. Janelle and Christine agreed that Robyn was, once again, inserting herself into a situation in order to control it unnecessarily.

Christine Gushed About Her New Love, David Woolley

She Revealed She Finally Feels Loved And Desired

Toward the end of Sister Wives: One On One, Christine was asked about David Woolley, her now-husband who was merely her fiancé at the time. Before inviting him in to meet host Suki, Christine shared the journey she’d been through to meet David and get to know him. In gushing about their relationship, Christine revealed she’d never felt so loved before. She explained that while she’s been with Kody and on Sister Wives for decades of her life, her relationship with David is the first time she’s ever felt desired and desirable before.

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