Sister Wives: Robyn’s Nanny Looks Like A Completely Different Person Now!

Sister Wives fans can never really stop wondering, “What does the nanny do?.” This question was even asked by Kody’s other wives as well, and no one really got a convincing answer for the same. It was evident that the couple’s decision to hire a nanny created many controversies during the Covid pandemic, and they made it to the headlines because of the same.


Initially, fans felt that Kody and Robyn fired their infamous nanny, but before they knew anything, she was back at the job! Recently, users got a rare glimpse of her when she was dropping the couple’s kids at school. Viewers are still in disbelief, and the noted nanny has started to look like a completely different person now! Is she fine? What is up with her now?


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Nanny Look So Different Now

Sister Wives fans have often slammed Kody and Robyn for having double standards when it comes to hiring a nanny. They initially fired the latter during the COVID-19 pandemic but ended up taking her back. Recently, viewers were in shock when the couple was again spotted with their infamous nanny named Mindy Jessop.

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She is Robyn’s step-niece and has been creating controversies for almost six years now. However, recently, fans were in disbelief when some super rare pictures of Mindy started to surface on the internet, which was looking really different.

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Recently, TheSun shared some pictures in which Mindy was there at Ariella and Solomon’s school to pick up and drop them off on October 11 in Flagstaff, Arizona. She was in Kody’s Ford pickup truck and was in a completely makeup-free look. The celeb tied her hair up in a messy bun, and it seemed that she was in a hurry.

Fans noticed that Mindy now has a healthy face as compared to his last sighting, which was around 7 months ago. Her numbers have changed, and it seems that she has even gained some weight as well.

Many viewers couldn’t even recognize Mindy as she was looking like a completely different person now. Apparently, the last time pictures of her surfaced on the internet, she was all dressed up while she held all the coats and water bottles of Robyn and Kody’s kids. But it was again confirmed that the couple STILL has a nanny, and what she does is STILL unknown to the audience.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Explains How Kody Needs A Nanny!

Sister Wives stars Janelle, Christine, and Meri have raised all their kids without any external support like nannies. They were working, independent women who managed their professional lives and kids with great expertise. Hence, that is why fans wonder why Robyn needs one.


She is a stay-at-home mother, and her youngest child is 7 years old. So, it is evident that she doesn’t even have an infant in her house. This gave rise to the infamous question, “What does the nanny do?.”


Recently, some eagle-eyed viewers were rewatching Season 17 Episode 2 of the noted show and revealed that Robyn has finally answered the infamous question. As per the star, she needs a nanny for the sake of Kody. Apparently, she explained that there is a lot going on in her and her husband’s lives.

So, it wouldn’t be fair for Robyn to bother her beau for every little thing as he already has a lot of “responsibilities” on his shoulders. Robyn believes that having a nanny makes things easier. So, she doesn’t have to bother Kody for petty things.

Fans were in disbelief as the celeb was actually trying to justify her decision with this so-called disguised explanation. Hence, the nanny’s job still remains unclear, and fans are still wondering regarding the same.

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