Sister Wives: Robyn’s Daughter Looks Like Her Twin As She Cries In New Episode

Sister Wives star Robyn is one of the most suspected members of the Brown family. She is often featured saying cryptic stuff and acting in a weird manner. The way the celeb doesn’t let the camera crew enter her house has further been an eyebrow-raiser for the audience. There have been several instances where Robyn made it clear that there wouldn’t be any kind of filming that would take place in her house.

Recently, viewers finally understood why Robyn wasn’t letting anyone enter her house because she was having a TWIN in there! Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they witnessed the latter having exactly the same attributes and behavior, just like Robyn! Who is her twin sister? Do we know her?

Sister Wives: Who Is Robyn’s Twin Sister? Where Was She Till Now?

Robyn Brown’s house has been a mystery for everyone. There have been many cryptic instances when Sister Wives fans wondered if she was actually hiding something in her residence. It went to the extent that many rumors started to claim that the celeb was hiding a foster child in her home!

Amid all this, fans were in shock when they finally met Robyn’s twin and understood why she was avoiding any kind of limelight when it came to her family and house. Recently, a Reddit thread started with pictures of her twin, and viewers are still in disbelief.

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OP posted screenshots of Aurora and Breanna from the latest episode’s confessional segment. In the first one, the latter was in tears and was crying her heart out in front of the camera. In another one, the star kid gave a delusional, exasperated look.

Fans were in shock as Breanna seemed to be like a complete mirror image of Robyn! The thread claimed that the matriarch has “hand molded” her as she has the same “facial expressions, hand movements, voice, tone, fake crying” as her mother.

The OP also added that initially, Breanna seemed to be like Robyn’s twin. Still, after watching Aurora in the latest episode, fans are convinced that she is her mother’s identical mirror image!

A user wrote, “They are soooo much like Robyn.” Another one added, “I think Robyn coached them down to exact words.” Someone further agreed, “She is her mother’s child.”

Sister Wives: Why Was Breanna Crying On National Television?

Sister Wives star Breanna never had a huge role in the family dynamics. But Season 18 is featuring her point of view as well because she is revealing some shocking things now. Recently, the star kid sat for a confessional segment.

Breanna cried her heart out because of the estranged relationship that she has started to share with Janelle’s daughter, Savannah. As per the show’s timeline, they both study in the same school.

Yet, Savannah and Breanna kind of ignore each other in the “hall.” Breanna revealed that initially, her bond with Savannah was “decent.” But because of Covid-19 and her father’s rules, the dynamics weren’t “super great.”

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Breanna further added, “We just didn’t know what to do with each other, so we kind of kept our distance.” Soon, the star kid broke into tears and cried her heart out because of the same. Breanna admitted while sobbing, “It kinda just broke my heart a little.”

On the other hand, Savannah also confirmed, “I don’t talk to her. We just kind of ignore each other.” Hence, it is evident that these two don’t share a great bond now because of the family dynamics.

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