Sister Wives: Robyn Trolls Kody’s Ex-Wives On Public Platform

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has had several issues when it comes to Kody’s ex-wives. She accused Christine of being the sole reason why the entire family disintegrated. Hence, Season 18 documented how the celeb wasn’t able to get along with them at all.

After all this, fans were in shock when they got to know that Robyn was actually declaring war on Kody’s ex-wives! But why? What did the latter do? What is she up to now?

Sister Wives: Robyn Is Declaring War On Kody’s Ex-Wives?

Robyn Brown tends to stay away from social media. She isn’t active on most of the platforms except Pinterest. The Sister Wives celeb often added posts to her board, which give some hints about the ongoing dynamics in her life. Apparently, there have been several instances when fans saw Robyn sharing some suggestive posts on the same.

Amid all this, Robyn saw three of her Sister Wives leaving her family, and her dream of sitting with them on a porch was shattered. So, her rage and frustration regarding the same is clearly evident from her recent quotes on her board. Recently, Katie Joy shared the screenshots of them and revealed how she has declared war on Kody’s ex-wives.

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One of them quoted, “You can pray all you want, but eventually David had to pick up a stone and act against Goliath.” The source was quick to claim that perhaps Robyn considers herself as “David & Jesus.” Katie further added to the caption, “Christine, Janelle & Meri are Goliath and Judas.”

The post’s caption continued, “She’s so narcissistic,” with a laughing emoji. It also accused Robyn of playing the victim and “stealing hundreds of thousands from a family.” Several Sister Wives viewers took to the comment section and agreed to the fact that Robyn surely plays the victim card. Someone even wondered if she was using her Pinterest account as her “safety net.”

Sister Wives: ‘Shy’ Robyn’s Cryptic Quotes Ignite Fans’ Anger

Robyn Brown often saves many spiritual quotes on Pinterest. In one of her recent ones, she added, “When God prunes people out of your life, let him do what he knows is the best for you. He sees a Judas before we do.” Sister Wives fans were in disbelief as they believed that this was a clear shade at Kody’s ex-wives.

Christine, Janelle, and Meri are no longer a part of the family. Hence, this seemed to be a shade on them. However, viewers didn’t think so. Someone even savagely wrote that Kody and Robyn were the ‘Judas,’ so they were ‘pruned’ from other wives’ lives.

Not only this, but Robyn’s Pinterest bio also made viewers angry. She asked people to find a “purpose” in their lives and stop “wasting” their “precious time” with hers. They were in disbelief as this came after Kody claimed that his fourth wife was really shy. Hence, viewers slammed her for being really rude to them.

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