Sister Wives: Robyn “Thanks” Christine On Tell All, As Janelle Trash Talks About Kody

Season 18 of Sister Wives has been unfolding many major changes in their family dynamics. Fans of the show have witnessed the family drama after Christine walked away from her marriage. Robyn has been shedding her crocodile tears for losing her dream of sitting on the porch with the other wives in the future.

Meanwhile, Meri and Janelle had been struggling to decide the future of their marriage. The two had been planning to walk out after Christine’s exit from the family. Now, the entire family is ready to spill more about the family drama in the upcoming Tell-All episodes.

But things might turn a bit nasty between the exes as Robyn has thrown shade on Christine about the disintegration of the family.

Sister Wives: New Tell-All Promo Reveals Some Major Drama Between The Family!

The lives of the Brown family have changed a lot since the premiere of Season 18. Two more Sister Wives are about to officially end their relationship with Kody Brown. Meanwhile, Christine has started enjoying her singlehood while preserving her friendship with Janelle.

The two still share the same bond since the latest season. Now, the audience is waiting eagerly for the Sister Wives Tell All to learn more drama from their lives. Recently, Monstersandcritics shared a spoiler of what will happen in the upcoming Tell-All episodes.

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Sukanya Krishnan would sit down with Kody Brown and his four wives once again for some juicy details. In the clip from the Sister Wives Tell All, Kody claimed that he “didn’t want to talk to Janelle ever again.”

Sister Wives

Meanwhile, Robyn shed tears again as she didn’t know how to “let this go.” Things turned nasty when she threw shade on Christine and said, “And this isn’t me just being dramatic.”

She discussed everything that went down the entire year with the host and said, “Thank you, Christine,” sarcastically. Well, fans of the series are aware that Christine always mocked Robyn for being overly dramatic.

First, she said she would be nice and then backtracked and said that she wouldn’t. Kody called out Janelle for trash-talking about him when she said that he should act like a grown a** man and speak for himself.

Sister Wives: Christine Surprises Fans With A Special Guest On The Show!

Kody and Robyn always accused Christine of the family breakup. But Christine had all the replies for the same, especially Robyn. She made it clear that she wouldn’t be nice this time around.

Hence, Sister Wives fans are hoping for a lot of drama to unfold during the Tell All. Meanwhile, Sukanya asked Janelle if she met Christine’s new husband, and she said yes with a big smile.

Kody’s second wife called David a great man as the host introduced him on the Tell-All. Later, Christine told Sukanya, “You’re gonna meet the love of my life.” as the camera panned to David.

Sister Wives

He greeted the host by shaking hands with her before the promo ended. Now, fans are sure that TLC will include David on the show and upcoming seasons. They have already spotted the couple with the camera crew at their nuptials.

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