Sister Wives: Robyn Needs a Nanny on High Alert?

Sister Wives fans became appalled after Robyn Brown appeared to have forgotten something, with the TLC cameras rolling and taking it all in. The scene that caught the eye of many viewers seemed to bypass editing as well. But many astute fans caught a glimpse and took to social media to share their disgust over something they caught at Robyn’s house.

Sister Wives: Fans Point Out Robyn Brown’s Epic Fail

When the viewers learned from Robyn Brown that she employs a nanny, the question of “why” popped up across the online world. Even her once-co-wife, Christine Brown, made a lighthearted campaign out of this reveal.

Christine asked on a Sister Wives episode, “What Does the Nanny Do?” T-shirts, memes, and jokes popped up online in massive quantities.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC
Sister Wives | TLC

But some Sister Wives viewers think they now know what the nanny should do for Robyn after watching a few recent scenes. That’s because it looks like neither Kody nor Robyn Brown seems to be doing it.

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Why Wouldn’t Robyn Clean It Up?

Sister Wives cameras rarely filmed inside Kody and Robyn Brown’s house. But this season the camera made it into the house a few times. Up until this point, when the cameras went to Robyn’s home, everyone sat outside, even when it was freezing.

In one scene a while back, Meri Brown popped by to visit Robyn, and she complained that she was freezing as they sat outside. Yet, instead of inviting her in, Robyn went and got her one of Kody’s jackets to wear.

Fans were perplexed why they just didn’t go inside her luxury home and visit where it was warm. But once they finally did get a glimpse of Robyn’s house in a later Sister Wives episode, they understood. Her house was a mess.

Sister Wives: Fans Think She Could Use an Alert Nanny…

Both Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are lambasted online for what showed up in the background while the cameras filmed inside their home. This is the second time this happened in a matter of a few Sister Wives episodes.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown House
Sister Wives | TLC

The first time was during their Christmas festivities. Now, with the Sister Wives grandchildren visiting, fans can’t believe it still looks the same. Bottles upon bottles of what appears to be medicine and/or supplements sit on their kitchen counter within a child’s reach. The photo above demonstrates the clutter, including those bottles.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
Sister Wives | Reddit

Some fans suggested maybe that is why Robyn needs a nanny. The house looks extremely cluttered, as seen in the photos above. Others commented how keeping an eye on kids in that house takes one alert nanny, as there are so many things within the reach of a kid that could be dangerous.

Then, of course, the jokes came out as well. A few commenters suggested that it’s likely that Kody didn’t marry Robyn Brown for her housekeeping abilities. But the first concern to the fans was what looked like a potential danger to the youngsters with those bottles.

Then came the questions from fans about why Robyn would let the cameras come in while the house was such a mess. On top of that came the comparisons. After all the years of Sister Wives, none of Kody’s other wives ever lived in such a mess. Or at least their homes all looked neat on the TLC series.

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