Sister Wives: Robyn Gives Meri “False” Hopes, Insults Her In Front Of Kody!

Meri and Robyn were once very close to each other. However, fans always knew that the latter was using her as a “thing” for her own good. Season 18 of Sister Wives is documenting the darkest side of Robyn Brown and her role in breaking the polygamous arrangement in the family.

Fans have been criticizing her for making all the drama of stopping Meri from moving out from Flagstaff. The latter is ready to move to Utah to start a new beginning after living in a loveless marriage. However, she still hoped that Kody would stop her. However, it appears that Robyn still wants to have a last laugh at Meri by giving her some false hopes. What did she do?

Sister Wives: Robyn Plotted Against Meri To Mock Her In Front Of Kody!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is dealing with the most embarrassing moment of her life. Previously, she decided to move to Utah to be able to give more time to her business. However, her main reason was to find a happy place after living in a loveless marriage for years.

But the reality TV celeb, Meri, expected her partner, Kody, to show at least a little care towards her. Also, Robyn made her believe that he still cares for her and he would be worried. Nothing like that happened, and Kody gave a very casual and cold reaction.

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Now, it appears that Robyn will try to take Meri’s hopes to another level in the upcoming episode. As per Soapdirt, the former told her close friend that her plural husband still includes her while talking about their Coyote Pass plans.

Also, Robyn made Meri believe that Kody includes all his wives on that property. However, the latter highly doubted that and heard the same from her husband. In the upcoming Sister Wives episode, Meri will tell her husband that he is capable of loving her.

The fourth wife tried making Kody understand that he loved Meri once, and she knew that he could do it again in the future. So, the reality TV star was not ready to lose hope. But Kody’s reaction to his first wife’s claims was really insulting.

Kody told Meri that he couldn’t be what she wanted him to be for her. However, fans called it very brutal for hurting Meri’s feelings. They accused Robyn of putting the first wife in this condition by giving Meri false hopes.  

Sister Wives: Robyn Sends Her Friend To Blame Meri For The Family Drama!

Robyn Brown undoubtedly became the most hated star from Sister Wives. She has been receiving all the hate and criticism from fans. Recently, the TLC star’s friend Kendra Pollard made some shocking claims about the Brown family to The Sun.

She claimed that Meri Brown introduced Robyn to the patriarch. Also, Kody wasn’t interested in welcoming her into his life because of her previous marriage and kids.

However, the friend claimed that Meri made the entire setup to bring Robyn to the family. Hence, she stated, “So, Robyn is not a homewrecker, and their marriage wasn’t premeditated.”

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