Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Wants To “Yell” & “Scream” After Discovering Devastating News

Robyn Brown sits down with Meri Brown in the next episode of Sister Wives season 18 and learns about her new moving plans with Kody Brown.

  •  Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown feels that her world is falling apart due to Meri and Kody Brown’s split, and her inability to fix the circumstances is tearing her apart.
  •  Meri Brown doesn’t care about hurting Robyn’s feelings and is only looking out for herself, disregarding the emotions of others involved.
  •  Both Robyn and Meri are facing emotional challenges in their relationships with Kody, leading to a sense of disconnection and the breaking apart of their family.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives implies she has reached a point of mental breakdown due to Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s split. The 45-year-old reality star came into Kody’s life in 2010. At the time, she was happy to be part of the polygamous family and be a sister to Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown. Unfortunately, Robyn’s best efforts didn’t help her build a fruitful relationship with other wives. Instead, her emotional personality made things worse. Robyn’s strong bond with Kody only made Christine, Janelle, and Meri jealous, leading them to seek divorce. Christine left Kody a few years ago, followed by Janelle in Sister Wives season 18.

However, Meri wasn’t expected to give up on her marriage with Kody so soon. In a recent teaser by E! Newsthe 52-year-old reality star shares she didn’t want to be part of Kody’s empire anymore. She tells Robyn, “I probably won’t be renewing my lease here.” Meri then claims that her move won’t be temporary, which makes the fourth wife emotional. Since Robyn has been pro-polygamy from the beginning, the news of Meri’s departure makes her feel like her world is crumbling down. Robyn says, “What I really wanna do is yell, what I really wanna do is scream,” implying that her inability to make the circumstances any better is tearing her apart.

Meri Brown Doesn’t Care If She Hurts Robyn’s Feelings

Montage of Sister Wives' Janelle, Meri, Christine and Robyn Brown

While Robyn’s crying because of Meri’s upcoming exit, the Sister Wives cast member doesn’t care how anyone feels. She tells the cameras that she’s only looking after herself. The former Brown family matriarch says, “If it’s gonna hurt Robin’s feelings, if Kody’s gonna be jumping for joy, whatever the emotion that somebody else has about it is irrelevant.” Meri claims she couldn’t care less about her former partner and his fourth wife’s drama. She adds, “I am not gonna apologize for what I know in my heart is what I need to do.”

Meri’s emotionless response to Robyn and Kody is somewhat understandable. Over the years, she has felt like a stranger in her family, disowned by her husband. She has tried her best to win Kody over, but he has never given her a reason to feel happy. Robyn has also not helped Meri fix her relationship with Kody. She has only made things about herself and sobbed at everything. Meri knows her former family members extremely well and is right to overlook their feelings to concentrate on her future.

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Robyn is also right to feel emotional. From the beginning, she has been clear about her desire to be in a plural marriage. She has always wanted a big family, many kids, numerous sister wives, and one husband. Now Robyn has fallen into a monogamous relationship with Kody and is probably not ready for it. The Brown family’s one-and-only matriarch feels that her world is crumbling down because it is. The Sister Wives star is sobbing because her family has split apart, and there is no more hope that things will ever return to normal.

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