Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Hiding Her Pregnancy?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is the only wife who is still bearing Kody and his tantrums. She has been with him for years now, and it seems that their relationship is still going strong. The couple already shares 5 children, but now it appears that they are planning to have another child.

Recently, viewers were in shock when they noticed a surprising hint regarding Robyn’s baby number 6. Is she really pregnant? If yes, then why is she hiding it from the world? What is the truth behind it?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Pregnant With Her 6th Child Now?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown shares two children with Kody, while she has three from her previous marriage. However, she prefers to keep them away from the limelight. There have been uncountable instances when she didn’t even let the camera crew enter her house.

That is why several rumors sprang up claiming that Robyn was hiding a child in her house. Fans started to believe that perhaps she didn’t want the world to know about her 6th baby. However, there wasn’t any solid proof regarding the same, and the speculations died after a few months.

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After all this, TheSun recently revealed that a fan claimed to have observed Robyn’s “baby bump.” As per the source, the noted user outlined the celeb’s body and predicted that she may have already conceived her 6th child. But it seems that this time, Sister Wives viewers don’t think that Kody’s fourth wife is actually pregnant.

Several viewers explained that it could actually be a “food baby” because Robyn hardly has anything to do. On the other hand, some fans predicted that perhaps she now has some medical issues which would have led to weight gain. Moreover, Arielle and Solomon are at the age that if they had had a sibling, they would have ended up spilling the tea.

So, for now, the majority of the viewers feel that Robyn isn’t pregnant and a secret child isn’t the reason why she never allows filming in her house.

Sister Wives: Robyn STILL Has A Nanny, The Infamous Nanny Drama Continues!

When it comes to Robyn and her kids, the first thing that comes to Sister Wives fans’ minds is about her Nanny! Apparently, she is the only privileged wife who got the opportunity to have a helping hand while raising the kids. Meri, Christine, and Janelle raised all of their children without any external help like a nanny!

Hence, that is the reason why Robyn having a nanny ended up becoming a huge fuss. The world asked her, “What does the Nanny do?” because they couldn’t understand why she actually needed one. The celeb is a stay-at-home mother while all her kids are over five years of age and aren’t infants anymore.


Yet, Robyn STILL has a nanny who does almost all of Robyn’s jobs. Recently, Nanny Mindy was spotted picking up the kids from school and dropping them off as well. Moreover, there have been instances when she was with Kody and Robyn while she held all their stuff.

Hence, fans feel that Robyn would never be able to survive without a nanny, even when her kids are grown up

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