Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Always Feels Like the ‘Bad Guy’ as Kody Calls His Family a Bunch of ‘Jerks’

On 'Sister Wives', a family gift exchange gone wrong led some Brown family kids to decide never to talk to Robyn Brown again

Robyn and Kody Brown are as isolated as ever on the latest episode of Sister Wives.

The married couple — who were once polygamous with JanelleMeri and Christine Brown — reflected on their state as an unintentionally monogamous couple during Sunday night’s episode. Part of that included their real thoughts on the frayed family ties, and how the settled dust has defined their personal reputations.

Part of the episode showed Christine and Janelle’s adult children venting about their current relationship with Robyn — which, for many of the kids, is nonexistent. It comes shortly after Christmas, in which the elder Brown siblings planned a gift exchange for just some of the family. Robyn caught wind of the plan and tried to hijack it for the whole family, which resulted in heated texts exchanged and soured familial relationships.

Janelle’s son Garrison Brown explained why he doesn’t think a face-to-face conversation with Robyn is even a good idea. “The truths were revealed, and we all just said ‘Cool, this is the point where we all go. We’re done.’” When asked by Christine if Garrison would “do a face-to-face conversation with her and the kids,” he replied: “No.”

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Sister Wives' Robyn Brown Always Feels Like the 'Bad Guy' as Kody Calls His Family a Bunch of 'Jerks'
Garrison Brown is pictured.

A confessional of Robyn showed she understands the dynamic — and the distance. “I just realize that nothing I would ever say or do at this point they’re gonna ever see with the right intention that I mean it,” Robyn, 44, said. “The love that I have for them, even the hurt that I have —why would I be hurt if I didn’t care? They’re never gonna see me as anything other than a bad guy.”

Though Robyn responded with hurt to the recent family drama, Kody reacted by hurling accusations against the rest of the family.

On the heels of a conversation about Kody’s decision to spend Christmas with just Robyn and their kids, the Brown family patriarch vented his frustrations to the cameras. He, in turn, dissed his family for their strong stance.

“All of you are just kind of jerks,” Kody said of his estranged children and his ex-wives Christine, 51, and Janelle, 54. “I don’t wanna be around you. And I’m tired of it.”

He added, “I don’t want to call them, and I don’t want to talk to them. And that’s why.”

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown Always Feels Like the 'Bad Guy' as Kody Calls His Family a Bunch of 'Jerks'
(L-R) Garrison Brown and Janelle Brown are pictured.

Garrison returned to the points about Robyn. “I’m doing my own thing, and Robyn’s mad because she can’t have this effect on our lives anymore because we just don’t care anymore,” Garrison spoke for himself, but added, “This is what I think all of the siblings think.”

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