Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Accuses Christine Of ‘Messing’ Kody Up & Destroying His Past!

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is the only one left with Kody after Christine, Janelle, and Meri decided to walk away. Hence, she is currently facing the flames of her husband’s anger and frustration. The celeb opened up about how Kody has completely changed and is a wholly new person now.

Amid all this, Robyn was quick to blame Christine for being the core reason behind their shared husband’s issues. She even accused her of ‘messing up’ with Kody and ‘destroying’ his past. Is this true? Did Christine really do this? What is her reaction to Robyn’s accusations?

Sister Wives: Robyn Blames Christine For Messing & Destroying Kody’s Past

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was the first one to leave Kody and start a new life. She made it clear that she won’t be able to continue with her plural marriage and claims that she is happily divorced. But it is evident that Kody isn’t able to deal with this at all.

Apparently, Christine left in 2021, but he is still dealing with the aftermaths of his very first split. Moreover, Kody has been pretending as if he never saw this coming, and it was a shock for him as well. Amid all this, Robyn Brown couldn’t control her nerves and ended up blaming Christine for the same.

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Sister Wives

In a recent episode, Robyn and Meri were having an intense conversation. The former stated, “What Christine has done is messed him up.” The celeb further added that though Kody isn’t accepting this fact, this is the truth. Robyn also stated, “Christine totally just destroyed his past.” She accused Christine of calling Kody’s “functional situation” as “horrible.”

Fans were in shock when the patriarch’s only wife claimed that Christine was making “stories upon stories” of relatively all the things the latter was going through during her marriage. It was evident that Meri was also surprised when she witnessed Robyn continuously ranting about Christine.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Doesn’t Accept Any Accusations Of Robyn!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown made it clear that she wasn’t accepting any of the accusations of Robyn. She explained that using her as the “scapegoat” wasn’t fair at all. The celeb added that she wasn’t the reason why Kody ended up losing his “faith.”

As per Christine, she never had that much “power” over the latter that she couldn’t affect his faith and made him lose it as well. On the other hand, the matriarch was quick to blame Robyn for various things and for crossing the line!

Sister Wives

Christine believes that Robyn is the one who “crossed a line.” She blamed the latter for bringing in a “nanny” when being a Sister Wife; she should know that there was help for her all the time. On the other hand, Janelle also admitted to the cameras that Robyn ended up playing a really “weird card.”

Even Meri Brown was also skeptical about Robyn’s claims. She claims that Christine wouldn’t be the one to say that every part of their lives was hell.! Hence, it is evident that almost everyone is noticing Robyn’s cryptic approach now.

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