Sister Wives: Real Reason Why Janelle Brown Spent Her Birthday With Kody Despite Divorce!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown finally took the hard decision to leave Kody and start her life in a new phase. Season 18 has currently been documenting all the possible reasons for their split, while there have been some unexpected wholesome moments as well.

Recently, viewers were in shock to know that Janelle ended up celebrating her birthday with Kody even after their split dynamics! Hence, the former finally decided to reveal the real reason behind her decision to spend her birthday with Kody. Why Janelle wanted to be with her estranged partner on her big day?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes A Shock Confession Regarding Her Outing With Kody!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown recently ended up spending her birthday with Kody. Fans were in disbelief as this outing came after a massive blowup. Yet, the couple decided to celebrate the celeb’s big day together, which raised many questions among the viewers. So, Janelle chose to explain the real reason why she agreed to celebrate her birthday with her estranged partner.

Janelle explained to the cameras that she was really “frustrated” with Kody. It was after their massive fight. She added that they aren’t “connected” to the point that she felt that the latter wasn’t making any effort to see Savannah either. However, the celeb ended up taking the dynamics to a “superficial level.” Janelle believed that if she had kept things aside, she could still have a great time with Kody.

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So when Kody called Janelle on her birthday, she ended up agreeing with him instantly. She stated, “Yeah, hey, it’s better than staying home and watching TV.” On the other hand, the Sister Wives celeb admitted that she wasn’t able to see her relationship with Kody going anywhere now.

As per Janelle, “I’m also a realist, and I know that it doesn’t look good.” So even after she spent time with Kody, she knew that things weren’t in a great place!

Sister Wives: Christine Feels Janelle & Kody Are In An ‘Interesting Place’ Now

Sister Wives star Christine has always had Janelle’s back. The latter never left her bestie’s side and has always supported her as well. But when she saw Janelle going on a date with Kody, that too, on her birthday, she was also surprised.

The celeb admitted that she feels her best friend still loves the patriarch and perhaps still wants to make things work with him. Christine further wondered if Kody has started to work on his relationship with Janelle’s kids or not because they seemed to be really “frustrated” with him these days.


After watching everything, Christine stated, “I think they’re an interesting place. A really interesting place in the relationship.” However, she seemed to be sure that she would support Janelle anyway and always. The celeb recalled a conversation she was having with Maddie.

Christine claimed that she made it clear that Janelle needed to be happy. So even if she decides to stay with Kody, she would definitely have her back in that. On the other hand, Janelle’s main agenda was different. She said, “I just want to be easy and have fun and celebrate the day.”

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