Sister Wives: News Roundup – Week of Oct. 30 to Nov. 5 (Kody Reacts To Janelle’s New Home & Christine & David Enjoy A Cruise)

Sister Wives season 18 changed the Browns. Offscreen, the cast's evolving. Christine's sharing PDA with David, and Kody's getting real about Janelle.

  • Kody’s lack of authentic love for his wives, except for Robyn, has led to serious divisions within the family.
  •  Christine’s thriving – she’s found happiness outside of her relationship with Kody. Christine recently wed David Woolley.
  •  Onscreen, Meri’s trying to salvage her relationship with Kody. Offscreen, she’s focused on empowering herself.

Sister Wives season 18 has a variety of story arcs that highlight important themes. There’s Christine’s empowerment, which illuminates the installment, lifting it up. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Janelle, who’s at a low ebb. She’s having financial problems, and she’s had it with Kody’s lack of intimacy and self-awareness. She can’t believe that he expects her to solve all of his problems with their children. Meri’s storyline features a bit of Christine’s independence (Meri wants to move away to Utah) and some of Janelle’s bitterness, as Meri feels ignored by Kody.

christine brown david woolley sister wives on cruise pda

Christine’s seemingly in one of the happiest phases of her life. Freed from the torture of caring about Kody, she can soar, and she’s really sucking the marrow out of life. Her recent wedding sparked some drama, as Meri didn’t appear to be invited, and Gwendlyn Brown wasn’t present. However, Christine‘s taken it all in stride, and just posed on a cruise ship with her husband, David Woolley. The two were very affectionate. Christine’s always wanted physical contact, which Kody wasn’t interested in giving her. Now, she can touch and be touched, and that must make her feel so content.

Meri Glows In New “Fridays With Friends” Instagram Clip

Onscreen, Meri‘s navigating the Brown family’s “new normal,” and advocating for herself and her happiness. However, she’s still holding out hope that she and Kody can mend their relationship. Offscreen, she’s given up completely, and throwing in the towel looks so good on her. Abandoning something negative isn’t bad – it’s empowering. While Meri’s boosting her personal power offscreen (she’s radiant in the Instagram post shown above), she’s still clinging to Kody in the current installment. However, he’s hurt her so much that her attitude seems to be a little different. In Meri’s Instagram post, she looks fresh, rested, and healthy, and that’s so great to see.

janelle brown sister wives cruise ship about to board

Sure, the reality TV show star Janelle cropped out some of her face when she posted this cute pic on Instagram, but her eyes said it all. Janelle was obviously thrilled to be going on a cruise with Christine and David. Janelle posted the shot seen above, which showcased the grand size and scale of the vessel, and also added a video of her room on the ship. She has a nice suite that’s remarkably roomy and bright.

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Christine and Janelle are best friends. Christine’s always trying to make her friend happy. Christine’s basically bringing her along during the “honeymoon” phase of her life, and that’s inspiring. No man can come between Christine and Janelle. They are always there for each other. Janelle looks so happy in the picture above, just like Meri does in her photo, which was shared earlier in this article. The common denominator here is that Kody isn’t in the picture (pun intended). In light of the fact that they’re plural marriage escapees, these women are so chilled out. They’re really getting over it all.

In an exclusive E! News clip from tonight’s Sister Wives episode, Kody wanders through Janelle’s apartment. His tour of her new home seems to evoke a lot of feelings in him. He thinks that her change of residence might help him to reestablish his bond with Savanah Brown, which faded over time. Kody’s pandemic rules were very strict. They caused problems between him and the kids he wasn’t living with. Right now, as he touched on in the clip, he’s not able to mend fences with Gabriel and Garrison Brown. However, he’s been making headway with Savanah. While talking about Savanah, he said:

My relationship with Savanah is sweet, gentle..

Kody also commented on the apartment, saying it was a, “lot bigger” than the old one. The other residence was possibly a “bad luck” place, as Janelle and Kody really clashed there. He’d run out the door after she swore at him. Also, Janelle got frustrated because it was hard to cook in the tiny galley-style kitchen.

Now, she has space to live, and Kody seems to feel good about getting closer to Savanah. The patriarch gets a bad rap sometimes, but in this exclusive sneak peek, he really seemed to care about his daughter, Savanah. While some of his problems with his kids are probably his fault, he does deal with exes who put him down. So, there may be some truth to the idea that he’s a victim of parental alienation.

However, in the teaser video, Janelle was very positive about Kody’s parenting of Savanah. She said he was really trying to connect with his child. He was taking Savanah out for dinner and generally making her feel special. So, he deserves credit for that – that’s loving and attentive parenting. The fact that he’s trying probably means so much to his daughter.

Sister Wives season 18’s been filled with drama. Offscreen, there are still some fireworks, The Brown family will never be the same, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Something had to change. While change can be painful, it’s part of life. How it’s handled is so important. It’s good that some Brown family members are getting proactive about happiness, by prioritizing their bonds with others.

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