Sister Wives: Mykelti Rejects Meri’s Apology, But Why?

Sister Wives fans are well aware of the beef that Mykelti and Meri share! Though the former acts as the peacemaker of the family, she cannot tolerate the latter in her life. Christine’s daughter has talked about her issues with Meri and has even made some shocking confessions about her.

Recently, viewers were shocked when they learned that Meri apologized to Mykelti. But the latter didn’t accept her apology and rejected it as well! Is this true? What are they up to now?

Sister Wives: Did Meri Really Apologize To Mykelti?

Mykelti never took sides, even during Kody and Christine’s divorce. She is trying her best to strike a balance between both her parents and maintain a civil relationship with them. But when it comes to Meri Brown, she isn’t able to hold back her true feelings for her.

Even during Sister Wives Season 18, Mykelti made it clear that she wouldn’t visit Kody’s house on Christmas if Meri were there. Hence, she isn’t able to even tolerate the latter’s presence. Amid all this, the star kid made some revelations about Meri on her Patreon account.

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Recently, a YouTube account named Tuff Topic shared a clip in which Mykelti confessed that Meri did apologize to her for her deeds. But she didn’t seem to be satisfied with the apology. The Sister Wives celeb explained that the lone wolf’s admission of guilt was very generic.

As per Mykelti, Meri didn’t take accountability for all the things that she did to her and her siblings. Not only this, but the latter allegedly ended up going back to her own ways after apologizing and didn’t stick to it. That is why Mykelti didn’t accept this reported generalized apology and rejected it as well.

This made the viewers wonder when this apology incident took place. Was it in the recent times? Or was it during Mykelti’s childhood? Fans are now eagerly waiting for her to throw some more light on the matter.

Sister Wives: What Is Meri And Mykelti’s Beef All About?

Mykelti’s issues with Meri are deeply rooted in her childhood days. She has often talked about the same on her Patreon account and has explained the real reason for not having a great relationship with the main cast member from Sister Wives.

As per Mykelti, Meri was “emotionally and verbally” abusive to her and all her siblings. She doesn’t remember if the abuse was physical, but Gwen once claimed that her sister was the main victim of Meri’s worse behavior.


Gwen even stated that the way Meri used to treat Mykelti was really “scary.” Paedon also confirmed that the dynamics went past verbal at times. Since that time, Christine’s oldest daughter started to have a strained relationship with Meri.

Mykelti even stated that her bond with Meri is civil for now. But she clearly doesn’t share a close relationship with her, just like the way she does with Janelle, Robyn, and her own mother.

However, several viewers seemed to have second thoughts after listening to Mykelti’s claims. They wondered why she could not forgive Meri when she could do the same to Robyn and Kody, even after what they did to Christine.

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