Sister Wives: Mykelti Embraces The Changes In Her Marriage With Husband Tony!

Sister Wives fans widely admire Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron for their enchanting personalities. They gained popularity because of their love-filled and splendid bond. The couple often treat their fans with frequent life updates.

Mykelti and Tony recently made it to the headlines for their significant weight loss. She is now talked about because of her rare social media uploads. She addressed the changes brought in her marriage in her latest post. Read further to have another scoop!

Sister Wives: Mykelti Talks About Changes In Her Marriage!

Mykelti Brown is living her best life with her husband, Tony, and their three kids, Avalon, and their twin sons Archer and Ace. The couple have received immense love for supporting each other in every way possible. Mykelti recently took to her Instagram to share a rare post about the “changes” in her marriage after welcoming their kids.

She shared a series of pictures, the first one being an adorable family photo. The picture featured Mykelti, Tony, and their twin boys in a parking lot ahead of their Costco date. The boys were seated in the front of a shopping cart when she and Tony smiled for the photo.

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The second picture featured her boys sitting in the front of the shopping cart. One of them looked at his brother, while the second looked straight into the camera lens. The third one featured Tony pushing the Costco shopping car carrying their boys.

The Sister Wives star added the caption to this upload, wherein she mentioned, “I always want to date my husband.” Mykelti then shared that she meant that she is always learning more about him. She continued sharing that the pattern of their dates changed after they had kids.

Mykelti then said that sometimes dating for them looks like running errands together, perhaps with some kids. The reality TV star kid then expressed gratitude that she and her husband could sometimes run errands together.

Many Sister Wives fans immensely appreciated her upload. Some of them even shared their experience with her. Likewise, several others showered Mykelti and Tony with all the love and positivity.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Has Tony’s Back!

However, Mykelti and Tony’s marriage has undergone several changes over the years. But one thing remained consistent, that is, their love and support for each other. The Sister Wives star kid finally broke the silence and clapped back at the critics who mocked her husband’s long locks.

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Tony Padron Instagram

Mykelti Finally took to her Instagram stories on September 6 to share a message with the haters. In the clip, she sat in her living room surrounded by her little munchkins. As per TheSun, she said if her husband’s hair is long, then it is either her or Tony’s concern.

The mom of three then advised them not to comment anything if they had nothing nice to say. Mykelti treated the critics with a much-needed solid comeback.

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