Sister Wives: Mykelti Breaks Down Because Of Kody & Robyn

Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron was the only kid who tried her best to act as the peacemaker during her parents’ divorce. She was neutral during the entire phase and never took anyone’s side. The celeb even received backlash at times because of the way she used to mingle with Kody and Robyn.

But now it seems that things have completely changed. Recently, viewers were in shock when they saw Mykelti shedding tears just because of the disappointment she has been facing from Kody and Robyn. What did the latter do now? Why was Christine’s daughter crying?

Sister Wives: Why Was Mykelti Crying Because Of Kody & Robyn?

Mykelti Brown has shared a great bond with Kody and Robyn since her childhood. She considers the latter as her second mother, and their love for each other is also evident. Moreover, the Sister Wives star kid even takes her kids to her father’s house as she wants them to have a relationship with each other.

However, due to some recent instances, Mykelti’s relationship with Kody and Robyn has been badly affected. She has also called the noted couple out several times on her Patreon account. The star kid even accused Robyn of lying and clearly took the side of her mother.

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Amid all this, Brittany from Tuff Topic took to YouTube and shared some clips from Mykelti’s recent Patreon account videos. In one of those, she was featured crying her heart out because she wasn’t happy with the way Kody was treating Christine, Meri, and Janelle. The celeb further explained that now all the adult kids wouldn’t be able to ever get along with their father because of all the weird names he called them on Sister Wives.

Mykelti also talked about Robyn, and it was evident from her words that she no longer shared a great bond with her. Apparently, the way she accused the latter of lying would perhaps have affected their relationship.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Feels Kody & Robyn Are ‘Disappointing,’ Often Cries While Talking About Him

Mykelti Brown really became emotional while she was answering a question about Kody. She was in tears and was hardly able to speak. As per the source, the Sister Wives celeb explained that she usually doesn’t cry because of all the comments that are passed on to her dad.

The star explained that she ends up getting “emotional” whenever Mykelti talks about her “relationship” with Kody. The source claimed that the noted star described that the latter as ‘disgusting.’ Moreover, just like all the other adult kids, Mykelti also seemed to be really hurt because of other father’s actions.

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Yet, Mykelti wanted to give Kody and Robyn another chance while she was still in tears. Fans felt a sense of devastation because of the former’s condition. Several viewers took to the comment section and consoled her. A user wrote, “OMG. Mykelti.” Another one added, “I feel so bad for Mykelti.” Someone further commented, “I feel really sorry for Mykelti.”

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