Sister Wives: Mykelti Accuses Robyn Of Lying!

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown has always been the one who has maintained a cordial relationship with Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn. She never took anyone’s side and has stayed neutral even during the chaotic dynamics of her parents’ divorce.

But now it seems that the tables have started to turn, and the person who initially felt that Robyn was her second mother has started to turn against her.

Recently, viewers were surprised when they saw Mykelti and Robyn feuding. The former ended up turning against her latter and accused her of lying as well. What is happening between these two now? What ignited Mykelti’s anger?

Sister Wives: Why Did Mykelti Accuse Robyn Of Lying?

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown shared a great bond with Robyn. She lived with the latter while she was courting Kody. Hence, they ended up forming a good relationship. Their friendship went to the extent that Mykelti wanted Christine and Robyn by her side during all of her pregnancies.

But now it seems that the star kid isn’t able to take all the accusations that the latter has been putting on her mother. Recently, Robyn claimed that Kody’s relationship with his kids deteriorated when Christine left. Mykelti was quick to defend her mother on Patreon.

She stated, “Enough is enough,” and made it clear that everything Robyn was saying wasn’t true at all. The Sister Wives star kid explained that the relationship between her dad and children started to deteriorate “way before” her mom left the dynamics.

It was evident that Mykelti was really hurt and devastated because of the way Robyn had accused Christine of certain things. So, she decided to clear the air and defended her mother publicly. Fans were happy to watch the star kid taking the side of the truth!

Sister Wives: Mykelti Was Kody’s Favorite Daughter!

Sister Wives stars Kody, and Robyn loved Mykelti for being the neutral kid. The former praised his daughter for being “warm” to him and not letting anything affect their relationship.

Kody was really happy to know that Mykelti wanted him to have a bond with Avalon and vice versa. Moreover, Robyn also praised Tony and the star kid for the same.

sister wives

Robyn gushed over Tony and explained that she really gets along with him. She added, “He’s a good kid. I can’t say ‘kid.’ He’s not really a kid.” Moreover, there have been several instances when Mykelti also defended her father and second mom.

In one of the recent episodes, she even went to Kody and Robyn’s place to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. But now it seems that Mykelti’s relationship with Kody and Robyn would be affected because of her recent revelation and would end up getting sour.

Now viewers are curious to know if the infamous couple would stay the same with Mykelti even after watching her take Christine’s side or not. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments.

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