Sister Wives: More Details About Kody & Robyn Agreement Of Leaving Each Other!

Kody and Robyn were initially the couple everyone thought would stay together forever. In fact, their commitment to each other was so strong that it created a rift in their family. After not feeling prioritized, the rest of the Sister Wives left. Many believed that the fourth wife always wanted the polygamist to herself and drove them away, but she disagreed.

It was surprising for the fans to realize even Kody and Robyn had begun to suffer. After facing three consecutive divorces, the former started to self-sabotage his only remaining relationship. Later, the pair shocked everyone by revealing they had agreed to leave each other if they ever fell out of love. Here are more details about this.

Sister Wives: Robyn & Kody Have An Agreement! Will Leave Eachother When Out Of Love

Sister Wives Season 18 threw a lot of unexpected curveballs. Everyone was well aware of Christine’s exit from the family. After a lot of irreconcilable with Kody, Meri, and Janelle also decided to move on and leave. While everyone saw this coming. This didn’t mark the end of the show. Everyone was in shock when Robyn revealed having problems with Kody!

The couple talked about their estranged relationship more on Sister Wives Tell All with host Sukanya Krishnan. They even revealed their big secret in front of everyone. Both mentioned how they had “agreed” upon stringing along one another if they ever fell out of love with one another. At first, everyone thought Kody would try his best to save his only bond, but clearly not.

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Robyn explained this more. As per People, she doesn’t picture herself being done with Kody. In fact, she was in awe of her husband for being strong and dealing with his circumstances with patience. After all, three of his marriages fell apart in just 14 months on national television. Robyn thinks it’s a “big deal” that her husband is still in “one piece.”

Sister Wives: Robyn & Kody Had The Agreement BEFORE The Family Fell Apart! Meri Angry

As Kody and Robyn talked about their agreement, host Sukanya Krishnan impressed everyone by asking them hard-hitting questions. She asked the former if the rest of the Sister Wives also had a similar agreement with him. So, the ex-polygamist candidly replied no that wasn’t the case. But he did inform them about his and his fourth wife’s deal.

Sister Wives

Apparently, they felt a sense of frustration over such a reveal, especially Meri. That’s because everyone knows by now that they had the most troubled bond. The ex-couple had begun having problems in 2015 following the catfish incident

. So, Meri wanted to know why Kody wasn’t done with her back then. There was a clear contrast in this scenario as the rules were different for Robyn.

That’s why a very disheartened Meri asked Sukanya Krishnan why her ex didn’t feel the need to “respect” her as a human being. So, how do you feel about Kody and Robyn’s agreement? Are they being fair?

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