Sister Wives: Meri’s Heart Is Finding Happiness! Poses With Someone Special

Meri Brown became the last one to leave polygamist Kody Brown. Their turbulent marriage was something everyone was familiar with on Sister Wives. They kept having issues and couldn’t see eye to eye on so many things. At last, the former decided enough was enough and left the plural family. Since then, there has been a major change in Meri’s personality.

Viewers can tell how confident she is after breaking away from her toxic cycle. Meri’s Instagram posts are endearing, too as she is showcasing her new side. There have been rumors about her being with a new man these days. The star also made a very wholesome holiday-themed post while posing with someone really special from her life. So, who is it?

Sister Wives: Meri Is Spreading Holiday Cheer With Someone Special! Who Is it?

Things have been rather bright and cheerful since Meri Brown decided to part ways with Kody. She finally realized there was no point staying in a place she felt no love or respect. So, she decided to do what was best for her. Even the Sister Wives star’s posts with so much positivity also lead to fans being in awe of her. As per the update on the show, she had moved to Utah.

Meri is now taking care of her late mother’s heritage inn and enjoying her single life. While there have been rumors about her being with a mystery man, she has not confirmed anything. As Christmas is just around the corner, the celeb is also in the holiday spirits. She made a post on Instagram, posing with someone very special from her life, it was her dear friend Blair Struble.

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Long-time Sister Wives viewers must know how Blair is one of Meri’s best friends in Utah. He is also her personal interior designer. They posed in matching sweaters while posing for the camera, flashing big smiles. A fan noted how the star’s heart was “finding happiness,” and many seemed to agree with this and cheered Meri on.

Sister Wives: Meri Has Started To Date Again!

Apparently, Meri and Blair are only good friends. The latter has a man in his life, and he is happily married to him. But the reality TV star’s friends have been helping her navigate the dating world. In one of her Friday’s With Friends live Instagram sessions, she said she has started dating again. The Sister Wives celeb’s best friend Jenn and her husband have been setting Meri up for dating.

They want to go on double dates with Meri and her new partner. But it seems like the search is still on for the same. While there have been rumors and spottings of the cast member with a new mystery man, she has not fessed up to something new happening in her love life. In any case, fans are happy for Meri as she has moved on and has started seeking new people.

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Do you like the new fun-spirited Meri? Would you want to see her dating adventures in the new Sister Wives season? Let us know how you feel in the comments below. Until then, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest reality TV updates.

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