Sister Wives: Meri Throws Shade At Other Wives — She’s ‘Done’ With Them

Meri Brown has always remained the calm and composed wife of Kody Brown on Sister Wives. She dealt with her husband’s terrible behavior for years and always hoped for things to settle down. The TLC star always had a very good relationship with Robyn Brown.

But Meri was never on good terms with the others, i.e., Christine and Janelle. Meri Brown stayed silent for years about whatever injustices she went through. Finally, she decided to tell the audience her side of the story.

The celeb has been spitting a lot of facts about her life in the plural family. Fans have been thinking that Meri might still have a good relationship with Robyn Brown. Well, the reality TV celeb recently made it clear that she was done with the other wives.

Sister Wives: Does Meri Not Share A Good Bond With The Rest Of Kody’s Wives?

Meri Brown has the most tragic journey with Kody Brown. She was the first legal wife of the polygamist. However, she sacrificed their bond in 2014, and they legally divorced. They did so to let her husband marry Robyn Brown. Meri and Kody have stayed with each other spiritually for years since the divorce.

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However, the former’s position in her husband’s life started to lessen. Finally, they called it quits publicly in January this year. Meri Brown has started opening up about her life inside the plural family for the past few weeks.

Recently, Meri spilled some other facts about her life that viewers didn’t know about in the third part of the Tell-All special. As per the HollywoodGossip, she opened up about her relationship with the Sister Wives. The TLC star said she felt like her relationship with Robyn was something that she and the fourth wife were “working on.”

Meri went ahead to describe that her relationship with Robyn was different. However, she expressed that she wasn’t a “100% emotionally there” in terms of getting along with Robyn. The reality TV celeb explained that her relationship with Robyn, Janelle, and Christine changed completely since she parted ways with the family.

The star also emphasized that her bond with her best friend, Jen, was good. Meri and Jen often hang out in Utah these days. She said, “I know she doesn’t go out talking trash about me.” This statement was clearly an indirect dig at her former Sister Wives. Meri told the host, “They don’t have my back,” before adding, “Oh, by the way, I don’t have sister wives, just FYI.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Merely Wanted Kody To Respect Her As A Human Being!

Meri Brown was in a loveless marriage with Kody Brown for years, and the show Sister Wives documented it. She has been hoping for things to settle down between them. However, the reality TV celeb walked out of her marriage after she had enough of his insults.

Meri vowed to tell her side of the story to the fans. After terminating her marriage, she began spilling all the tea about her life with Kody. Recently, she sat with the host, Sukanya, at the Tell All for the same. Meri shed light on her relationship with the patriarch.

Meri said that after “looking back on it,” she realized how “he let go of her” emotionally a long time ago. The star went on to put out the painful question she had asked her husband. She said, “Why did you not respect me enough as a human being?”

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