Sister Wives: Meri Spotted Holding Hands With New Beau!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown never wanted to part ways with Kody. She tried to make her marriage work and stay in her polygamous bond. However, the celeb couldn’t do anything when her husband ended up disowning her on national television. Hence, viewers were really concerned about how she would deal with her divorce.

But now it seems that Meri has finally decided to move on in her life. Recently, viewers were left in tears when they spotted her holding hands with her mystery man during her date. Who is the lone wolf’s new beau? What is she up to now?

Sister Wives: Fans Spot Meri Holding Hands With Her New Beau

Is Love in the air? Meri is perhaps not alone anymore and has finally found someone in her life. Initially, Sister Wives fans felt that she wouldn’t be able to move on in her life after spending decades with Kody. But it seems that she has also adopted a practical approach like Christine Brown and let go of the past.

Recently, a Reddit thread started with a wholesome picture of Meri and her mystery man sitting in a place that seemed to be like a restaurant. A fan secretly took a snap of her while she was busy talking to the person with a cap. As per the OP, this picture has been surfacing on Facebook these days.

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The noted thread also revealed that Meri and her mystery man were also holding hands while they were talking to each other. Sister Wives fans were in disbelief, and they couldn’t stop gushing over Meri’s new emerging bond.

Several viewers took to the comment section and appreciated Meri for being practical enough to move on in her life. A user wrote, “I hope she has a new beau thing!.” Another one added, “I love this for her..” Someone further manifested, “I hope she’s cuddled and kissed and adored!.” It was evident that viewers were in support of Meri, and they wanted her to find someone new in her life.

Sister Wives: Did Jen Set Meri Up With Her New Date?

Meri Brown has been relying on her friends after partying ways with Kody. Apparently, “Friday With Friends” celeb Jen is one of her biggest supporters who has been there through thick and thin. The Sister Wives celeb has been spending time with her, and their growing bond is evident.

Recently, Meri and Jen again went live when a curious fan asked if they were dating. The latter made it clear that she was already married. The celeb further revealed that her husband has been busy finding a potential partner for Meri as well. That is because they want to go on double dates now.

After watching Meri spending time with a new man in a restaurant, fans felt that perhaps Jen and her husband would have set her up with someone. However, viewers have crossed their fingers and are manifesting Meri walking down the aisle just like Christine did.

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