Sister Wives: Meri Is Still Financially Helping Kody Run His Household?

Almost everything has changed after Sister Wives star Kody Brown underwent three consecutive divorces. It is evident that it also led to a change in their financial management. Apparently, Christine, Janelle, and Meri used to put a significant amount in the funds pod of the Browns.

Janelle and Christine have already taken a backstep. But it seems that Meri is still putting her hard-earned money into Kody’s pocket. Recently, viewers were in shock when she admitted doing the same and made some shocking revelations as well. Why is Meri still contributing to the Brown family fund?

Sister Wives: Meri Admits Still Putting Money Into The Brown Household

Sister Wives Season 18 is currently addressing some of the most crucial aspects of the Brown family. One of them is their financial management. As Christine has already left Kody, she is no longer a contributor to the funds and property on Coyote Pass as well.

On the other hand, Meri didn’t have a functional marriage for years with Kody. Yet, she had been putting in funds in the family’s pod. During a recent episode, the celeb questioned the distribution of the Coyote Pass property. She felt that it was unfair.

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Meri revealed that even though she hasn’t been treated as a wife for years, she has been a part of the Brown family. She confirmed that she is still contributing to the funds. But on the contrary, Kody states that Meri wasn’t ready to “share” her “resources.”

Sister Wives fans were in shock as they witnessed Kody having the audacity to say this when he himself lived in a house to which Meri contributed in the first place. Fans remember how the latter gave her own hard-earned funds to her husband when he was purchasing his house in Flagstaff. But still, Kody believes that he deserves a bigger portion of Coyote Pass because he has 18 children, and Meri doesn’t share her resources!

Sister Wives: Meri Feels It Is Unfair That She Only Got 2 Acres Of Coyote Pass

Meri Brown had made up her mind to leave Kody now. So, she was focused on settling all the pending issues before she went. Hence, the Sister Wives celeb wanted to know what Kody and Robyn were doing with the portion that Christine had left before divorcing the latter.

Kody was quick to state that he was the one who’d be getting Christine’s portion and the plot with the land. Meri was in shock as she felt that it was really unfair for her to get only 2 acres of land. She explained to the cameras that as she has been contributing to the family for years now, she at least deserves a greater piece of land.

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Meri explained that it seemed to be “weird” to her. She wondered why everyone was getting 4 acres of land while she only got 2 acres! The lone wolf stated that even after putting “financial” aid to the family, she isn’t a fair plot.

This time, viewers were also in her support. Several fans even commented that the Browns should hire an “attorney” and let him distribute the entire Coyote Pass land

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