Sister Wives: Meri Exposes How Robyn Interfered In The Catfish Scandal!

Meri and Robyn always appeared as the closest Sister Wives in the plural family. Fans always knew that the latter was only using the former for her benefit. Despite this, Meri always trusted Robyn in the family. She took her help in some of the major decisions in her life.

She failed to notice that her friend slowly took her place in Kody’s life. Season 18 of the series has deeply affected Robyn’s reputation in front of the fans. She took Kody away from all his other wives, and fans also feel she manipulated him.

Meri and the patriarch have been walking on thin ice for the past few years. Fans felt that the infamous catfishing scandal caused more differences between the couple. Recently, Meri exposed Robyn Brown and revealed her part in the scandal. What did she do?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reveals Robyn’s Role In The Catfishing Scandal!

Meri and Robyn always stayed on the same team. They have been very close since the start. It was one of the reasons Janelle and Christine never initiated a friendship with Meri. However, Sister Wives fans saw a rift between the two best friends since her split with the Brown family patriarch.

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Fans had been suspecting that Robyn had a role to play in the catfish scandal for years. However, none of the family members shared the exact details of the issue. Recently, Meri sat down with Sukanya to expose Kody’s only remaining wife.

But it appears that the mom of five had a lot more to do with the whole situation than the fans could imagine. Recently, a fan started a Reddit thread titled, “Omg Robyn was totally in the middle of the catfishing!!!”

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The OP went ahead to exclaim in disbelief that Robyn was a part of the scandal and set it up for Meri. Meri allegedly admitted that Robyn was also a friend of the person who catfished her in the latest Tell-All special. However, another user corrected the OP that Meri didn’t call her a friend of Robyn.

But they claimed that Robyn interfered in the whole situation. Meanwhile, another user clarified that the catfisher was a friend of Robyn’s friend Kendra. The Redditor went on to point out that Kody asked his first wife to talk to her.

She wanted the person to invest in the MSWC funding after she appeared as a wealthy businessman, Sam Cooper. However, Kendra revealed later that the person was fictional, and she knew him personally. A woman named Jackie Overton was pretending to be him.

Sister Wives: Did Robyn Setup The Catfish To Tarnish Meri’s Image?

Meri Brown always remained silent about the catfishing scandal. Well, Sister Wives fans have been assuming that her relationship with Kody became worse after this mishap. But the mom of one recently made it clear that Robyn’s friend Kendra made all the gossip about her catfish scandal. She made it look like that Meri was caught in an affair with a fake person.

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However, she couldn’t understand the reason Robyn’s friend made up all the gossip. Now the TLC fans are assuming if Robyn already knew the person and told Kendra to set the whole thing up for Meri.

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