Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Updates About Her Current Life Without Kody Brown!

Meri Brown was the first one to marry Kody and perhaps the last one to walk out of their fractured marriage. However, she is still struggling with her troubled marriage in Sister Wives Season 18, but her life outside the small screen looks entirely different.

Now that the mom of one has been living a single life away from the family chaos, she reflects happiness. Meri recently shared her life update after calling it quits with the former polygamist, Kody. Read further to learn what her life looks like after the split!

Sister Wives: Meri Shares Big Life Update!

Meri Brown was married to Kody Brown for over three decades. They announced their split in January 2023 via a joint Instagram upload. However, it wasn’t long before she moved out of Flagstaff to live an independent life.

During a recent interview, the reality TV star candidly talked about her life with the ex-polygamist. Meri shared that her life has changed a lot since she walked out of her troubled marriage with Kody. She even shared that she never enjoyed living in “limbo land.”

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Sister Wives

She then confessed to living in ‘limbo land’ for the most part during her relationship with the fifty-four-year-old. The B&B owner then admitted to enjoying everything she does in her life. Meri then mentioned that a lot of amazing things have happened in her life since the divorce.

She then shared that she has been running a successful business and that she has been blessed with some incredible friends. The Sister Wives star then also mentioned that her personal life has been fantastic.

However, Meri has recently come across the heart-wrenching news of her brother, Adam Barber’s death. He lost his battle with cancer a few months before he was supposed to turn fifty-five. She took to her Instagram to share his sweet memories with her followers.

Sister Wives: About Meri Brown’s On-Screen Life!

Meri Brown’s screen life looks nowhere close to her real life. In the recent episode of Sister Wives season 18, she made a big revelation of moving to a smaller place. She shared her desire to move her clothing business from Flagstaff to Utah.

To her surprise, Kody was fine with her decision, making things even more awkward for her. Kody respected her desire and supported her wish rather than objecting to it like he usually does. Their conversation turned tense after she noticed a new ring on Kody’s finger.

The TLC starlet observed that he had taken off the Claddagh ring. Kody then justified his ring change by stating it was “just a ring.” However, Meri looked uncomfortable upon noticing the change. Fans seem equally affected by his actions.

Some of them assumed that Kody was waiting for her to take this huge step, explaining his calm reaction to such big news. What do you think of Kody’s unbothered reaction? Sound off in the comment section below.

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