Sister Wives’ Meri Brown shares telling quote after breakup with Kody

It seems that Meri Brown (52), who previously clung desperately to Kody (54), has finally seen the light. The ‘Sister Wives’ star posted a striking quote on Instagram this week that makes it clear what the current situation is between the two.

“It’s time to create a new version of myself”

In Sister Wives, we have clearly seen in recent years that the relationships between Meri and Kody are quite lopsided. While Meri is happy to do everything she can to repair her relationship with Kody, Kody makes it clear several times that he has no interest in this at all. The two indicate that they have not had an intimate relationship with each other for years. Nevertheless, they continue to muddle through each other. At the beginning of this year they tied the knot and announced that their relationship is finally over.

After their breakup, Meri has indicated several times that it is difficult for her to pick up the thread again. Yet she now seems to have finally found her peace.

In her Instagram Stories, Meri shares a quote in which it becomes clear that she realizes that she is better off without Kody. “Be confident that you’re bringing enough to the table and that you’re okay eating alone until you find the right table.”

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It doesn’t take rocket science to conclude from this that Meri is happy to be rid of Kody. She also seems to be reluctant to allow a new love into her life, although she has recently indicated that she is open to dating.

Meri has also previously stated that she is working on letting go of the past and focusing on her future. “It’s time to create a new version of myself,” she recently wrote on Instagram. ‘I am not afraid to look inward every now and then, while I learn new things, create and become a new person.’

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