Sister Wives: Meri Brown Poses With Her Hot Male Friend [See Photo]

Sister Wives Season 18 is airing these days, and it is evident that Meri Brown is in her mid-life crisis during that era. She is facing a lot and is in a pathetic condition as well. The celeb doesn’t know where her life is leading her, and the future seems to be really dark as per the show’s timeline.

But now it appears that things have been falling in Meri’s favor, and she is able to gather her life back. Amid all this, fans were in shock when they spotted her posing with a super hot and hunky friend while they could smell something cooking between them! Who is Meri’s new friend? Is he her new love interest?

Sister Wives: Meri’s Bestie Is Super Hot & Hunky!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown never wanted to leave Kody in the first place. She wanted to stay and mend fences with the latter. However, the celeb had no option as her estranged husband disowned her on national television.

Hence, Meri had to move on and gather all the shattered pieces of her love and hope. But now it seems that she has finally started to live her life and is doing great as well.

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Recently, Meri ended up making headlines after she posed with her new hot and hunky friend. Apparently, she has been on a trip to Disneyland these days and is enjoying every moment with her bestie. The celeb shared a carousel of pictures and wrote a lengthy caption while she thanked her handsome male friend.

The lone wolf from Sister Wives admitted that this “weekend” didn’t “disappoint” her at all. She further talked about all the adventures and fun moments she had.

Meri thanked her friend Blair for taking her along with him. Lately, there have been several instances when she has posted pictures with the latter.

In the latest post as well, she seemed to be glowing while she stood close to Blair. Moreover, after witnessing how hot and hunky Struble was, fans felt that he would make a great pair with Meri.

Sister Wives: Who Is Blair? Is He Meri Brown’s New Beau?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been spending her time with her gal pals these days. She is busy partying all night and is often spotted with her best friend, Jen. These two even do a live session named “Friday with friends” and update their viewers about their whereabouts.

Amid all this, Meri started to post clips and pictures more often with her long-time male friend named Blair. This was an eyebrow-raiser as fans felt that perhaps the lone wolf had also made up her mind to move on just like Christine.


Several dating rumors about Meri and Blair also started to surface on the internet. However, soon, they got to know that the latter isn’t really much into the female gender. He is gay and has already been married for about 16 years. As per the reports, Blair is an Oswego, Oregon native.

He is a cat dad and an interior designer by profession. He loves to explore new places, and it is evident that Meri Brown has been accompanying him in doing the same lately. However, it is clear for now that there is no romantic involvement between these two besties.

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