‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Opens Up About Life Without Kody

Sister Wives star Meri Brown shared big updates about her life since her split with Kody. They announced their breakup in a joint IG post in January this year. Season 18 also documented their struggles, which led to the former first wife’s decision to leave Flagstaff. But it seems that things have been well behind cameras, especially for the 52-year-old. Keep reading to learn more about her thoughts on a life without the patriarch.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Life Behind Cameras

Meri has been through many life changes behind the reality show. She already moved to her B&B in Utah, which is the current storyline of Season 18. The Sister Wives star has also been traveling with her friends and business partners over the past few months. The reality TV personality suffered a heartbreaking loss this month after her brother, Adam Barber, who was also Janelle’s ex-husband, passed away from cancer.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

The California native has been hustling by selling clothes online. She also took to Instagram recently to share that Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is now ready for Halloween.

Meri Opens Up About Her Life Without A Husband

Many are also curious about what her life has been like since her split with Kody earlier this year. Fortunately, the TLC star remains transparent when it comes to her ex-husband. According to the Sister Wives star, her life has changed since calling it quits with the 54-year-old. She also mentioned not liking living in “limbo land” and felt like she lived there a lot during her time with Kody. But now, she likes everything she does.

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Kody Meri Instagram
Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Status In Season 18

Meri made a big revelation in the latest episode of Season 18. She expressed her desire to move her clothing business to Utah. However, Kody was surprisingly calm about her decision, making things a lot more awkward. The patriarch supported her desire rather than getting upset, especially with all the things happening between him, Janelle, and Christine.

Meri Robyn YouTube
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Things also got a lot more intense when Meri Brown noticed that Kody replaced the Claddagh ring, which symbolizes their union as a polygamy family. Kody explained that it was just a ring. But viewers believe it’s an indication that he’s stepping away from polygamy.

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