Sister Wives: Meri Brown Oozes Sheer Happiness Despite Kody’s Ill Behavior Towards Her!

Meri Brown’s real life looks nowhere close to her reel life. She has been facing her ex-husband, Kody’s poor behavior on the show. While she is often observed oozing pure delight and happiness in her real life.

The Sister Wives star recently shared a clip that featured her enjoying and donning a wide smile with her friend at their fun Friday outing. Meri’s fans also gushed over her happy appearance in a new video. Tune in to learn more!

Sister Wives: Meri Looks Happier Without Her Former Husband Kody Brown!

Meri Brown has been living life on her terms without Kody. She often reflects pure joy being around people she loves. The reality TV star took to her Instagram on the weekend with a social media Live to interact with fans while having fun at Disneyland with a friend.

She rocked a yellow Mickey Mouse tank top for the fun trip. Meri styled her outfit with a cross-body bag and a pair of sunglasses on her head while interacting with her followers. She smiled and laughed throughout the clip, having an amazing time at the theme park.

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The Sister Wives star had the camera focused on herself and her pal, besides showing the busy park. While sharing this video on her Instagram, Meri added the caption, “Fridays with Friends Live from Disneyland.”

This upload was widely admired by her followers, who quickly rushed to the comments to praise the shift in her behavior. One of the Sister Wives fans claimed that they were happy to see her happy. The second fan opined that she looked both healthy and happy.

Another penned, “You look so happy! Congratulations on taking your own path. U go, girl!” Likewise, several other fans admired her choosing her happiness over staying in a fractured marriage for the sake of religion.

Sister Wives: Fans Support Meri By Slamming Kody’s Behaviour!

Meri’s fun trip to the California theme park came after Sister Wives followers thrashed her former husband for his ill-treatment on the show. In the last week’s episode, she looked like a completely different person.

She was seen breaking the news to Kody that she was moving her clothing business to Utah, near her B&B. Kody did not seem to be in support of her decision, for he was confused as to why she wanted to move away from her Flagstaff home.

The mom of one then conveyed her frustration during a confessional. Meri shared that she is still buying a home in Flagstaff, perhaps a small house, as she would live here. Then, a shift in her tone was observed when she talked about Kody’s living conditions.

Sister Wives

She then tensely said that sometimes people have two houses. She then added, “Oh, guess what, so do polygamist men. They have multiple homes, and they live in both of them. Usually.” Several Sister Wives viewers quickly supported the TLC starlet by bashing her then-husband.

Many of them even pointed out that Robyn is not her friend. What do you think of Kody and Robyn’s behavior towards her? Have you observed a shift in Meri’s behavior? Sound off in the comments.

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