‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown net worth and clothing line explained

The OG sister wife is making waves as she blazes her own entrepreneurial trail.

The Sister Wives clan has been making some serious headlines lately, with disasters and divorces, new engagements, and old resentments, it’s no wonder they have been a hot topic in the media. With all the shaking up of the Brown family and several of the wives going their own way, there are some remaining questions about the family’s financials. Meri Brown is the former sister wife with the fewest children, and with both an inherited bed and breakfast business and her own clothing line, the most outside-the-family revenue streams. So does that mean she has the highest net worth? We decided to deep dive into Meri Brown’s financials, and discover all the details behind her net worth, and her fashionable clothing line.

Meri Brown is the first wife of Kody Brown, and although they were initially legally married, they long ago divorced so that Kody could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and adopt her children from a previous marriage. In short, it’s complicated, made even more complicated by the fact that the family pools most of their financials, but a few members have their own side hustles. So who has what? When it comes down to it, what is Meri’s cut of the Brown family profit pie?

Meri Brown’s clothing line

Meri Brown is a purveyor of a clothing line. Which is confusing, we know, because a few years ago, the entire Sister Wives crew had an online clothing and jewelry store called Sister Wives Closet, which is sort of still around. Unfortunately, that venture did not really take off, but Meri Brown’s clothing line continues! Meri Brown sells LulaRoe clothing, which is an online clothing venture. While many feel it is little more than a pyramid scheme, Meri Brown seems to be doing quite well with it. The site features women’s dresses, shirts, bottoms, and some workout attire, with the items ranging in price from around $25-$75. We saw in season 18, Meri moving the in-person part of the business to her B & B in Utah, leaving behind Kody and his remaining wife, Robyn, in Flagstaff. We now know, that she eventually moved everything to Utah, as she and Kody have since fully parted ways.

Meri Brown’s Bed and Breakfast

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is the Utah Bed and Breakfast Meri inherited from her now-deceased mother, Bonnie. Well, partially inherited, but Meri also had to obtain a loan to fully purchase it, so it’s a little complicated. We saw in season 13 that Meri pitched the idea of investing in the B&B to Kody and the other wives, and basically being shot down. Yet Meri was resourceful and obtained the necessary loan herself, ensuring Lizzie’s Heritage Inn would continue. It has since won awards, including Best Country Inn in Utah in 2019, and rooms run about $300 a night. Meri also hosts retreats and events at the B&B for additional income with packages ranging in the thousands, so it’s safe to say the B&B is quite successful. Meri also offers Cameo videos for her fans, featuring shout-outs and even business advice! Meri now devotes herself full-time to all her businesses, and is by all reports making quite a good living for herself.

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