Sister Wives: Meri Brown Dresses Up As A WITCH For Halloween! [See Full Outfit]

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been trying to live the best of her life these days. She has already parted ways with Kody and is currently focusing on her well-being these days. Hence, the celeb is majorly concentrating on her B&B and is working hard to expand her career.

Amid all this, the lone wolf recently debuted with her brand-new makeover on the occasion of Halloween. Meri took to her social media handle and shared a picture of her new ‘witch’ makeover. Fans were surprised as she looked like a completely different person. What is the lone wolf about these days?

Sister Wives: Meri Debuts Her Brand-New ‘Witch’ Makeover

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been trying her best to maintain her B&B situated in Parowan, Utah. She ended up becoming the sole owner of the same after Bonnie passed away. However, there have been several rumors in the town about the lone wolf’s Lizzie’s Heritage Inn being a “haunted” place.

Several visitors revealed that they experienced some kind of paranormal activities in Meri’s B&B. But it seems that the dynamics could escalate more because Lizzie’s Heritage Inn now has a ‘witch’ as well. Recently, the celeb took to Instagram and posted a picture of her brand-new Halloween makeover and costume.

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Meri decided to go for a complete witchy look. She opted for smokey dark makeup on her eyes, which added depth to her face. The celeb further went with a messy hairstyle with soft waves. The lone wolf sported an all-black outfit with a wand in her hand. Meri took a selfie while she was grinning at the camera in a cryptic way.

It was evident that fans were really impressed with Meri’s witchy makeover. A user wrote, “Are you doing any Spooky Season fun?.” The fan further complimented, “Also black vibe is HAWT on you mama!” Someone also praised, “I love your hair and your outfit!!.”

Sister Wives: Meri Transforms Her B&B For Spooky Season!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s B&B often makes it to the headlines because of the rumors which say that it is a haunted place. Many visitors have confirmed that they heard some weird voices and felt the presence of spirits as well. Apparently, speculations regarding the lone wolf’s “Wall of the Dead” have also created many controversies.

But now it seems that Meri has finally decided to encash the attention that her B&B has been getting because of these rumors. During the Halloween season, she decided to transform her place into a haunted mansion. Recently, a Reddit thread started with a picture featuring Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s new makeover.

Meri decided to decorate it with stacked carved-out pumpkins on its main entrance. She further added white hanging cloths to denote ghosts all over the place. Even in the lone wolf’s selfie, several stickers of bats were also stuck on the wall with some lanterns to give a haunting effect.

Meri used a dark tone to transform her B&B to add drama to it. Several viewers seemed to be really excited as they claimed that they would soon plan a trip to Meri’s outlet.

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