Sister Wives: Meri Brown Claps Back At A Psychologist To Defend Robyn

Meri Brown doesn’t hesitate to support someone she trusts. Initially, she shared a great bond with Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn. However, slowly, things became bitter between them. The reality TV celeb declared her split with Kody in January this year. She informed her fans how they ended their relationship after trying to work on it for more than a decade. The new season of Sister Wives has started spilling the beans on what led to the family fallout. Fans are discussing the dynamics of the family on the social media platforms. Recently, a popular psychologist called out Meri’s decision to support Robyn. So, the TLC star decided to share her point of view. What did she say? 

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Slammed Psychologist Pointing Her Decision To Support Robyn!

This season on Sister Wives, Meri Brown is quite fierce. She hasn’t let anyone ruin her peace and judge her without reason. Recently, a popular psychologist commented on her move to support Robyn. On August 25, a YouTube video started making the rounds on the internet. In it, a psychologist, David, criticized her decision to discuss, Kody’s lack of interest in their relationship, with Robyn.


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Further, the psychologist claimed Robyn was standing there talking to a woman who her husband had abandoned. Finally, the lone wolf took the matter into her own hands and uploaded a video. In it, Meri recorded herself spitting facts and her opinions. The caption said, “Respectfully I disagree” before her full statement. Meri stated that she was allowed to have someone’s back even though she didn’t agree with everything the person said.

Moreover, she was unable to understand why she was not allowed to support someone and their right to have an opinion when she didn’t agree with them 100%. Also, the Sister Wives star stated that the psychologist was trying to prove that one should only have the back of someone if they 100% agreed with them. However, Meri was confident that she had never met someone whom she fully agreed with. But that never stopped her from supporting others and their rights and opinions. 

Sister Wives: Fans Slam Robyn For Not Letting Meri Enter Her House In Freezing Cold Temperature!

Robyn and Meri had been very close since the beginning. The reality TV star always discussed the important details of her life with the former. However, Robyn’s house has been quite a mystery for a long time. Kody and Robyn never allowed anyone to enter their house. However, the latest episode of Sister Wives left fans angry. In it, Meri reached out to her friend to discuss her relationship and the family dynamics. However, they ended up sitting on a wooden bench in front of Robyn’s house on a freezing cold day.

sister wives

Finally, Robyn realized that the lone wolf was shivering with cold. Hence, she entered the house to bring out a jacket for her friend. But fans slammed the celebrity for not letting her enter the warm and cozy house despite her condition. Now, they are discussing what she was hiding in the house. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for more tea on Meri and her life on Sister Wives.

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