Sister Wives: Meri Brown Chills In NYC Amid A Major Discord Between Leon & Kody Brown!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has lived her best life ever since embracing her singlehood. She often shares her wisdom and motivational content with her social media followers. Additionally, she shares her life updates and adventures with her fans. Recently, the mom of one flew to New York City, ignoring all the chaos and drama brewing between her only child, Leon, and ex-husband, Kody Brown. Meri took to her social media earlier this week. She shared her response to a psychologist who portrayed her as a hypocrite in his social media upload. Read further to know more about her response!

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Is In NYC!

Meri Brown is now a free bird. She often travels and indulges in activities she often refrained herself earlier. She shared took to her Instagram earlier this week to share a video responding to a psychologist who painted her as a hypocrite. The Sister Wives star shared the video from Central Park, Manhattan, amid the boiling drama between her child and ex-husband. In the clip, Meri addressed her decision to support her child, Leon, despite disagreeing with the choice they made. She started the video by sharing that she came across a video by a psychologist calling her out for supporting someone.


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Meri added that the person in the video said that she supports someone, so she was not allowed to disagree with the choices they make or the things they do. The proud mom of one then slammed, “Respectfully, I disagree.” Brown then added that it is her right to support someone and disagree with some of their choices. She added that merely because someone has a different perspective and choices than her does not force her to not support them. Meri added that though the psychologist is more educated than her, she continues to disagree with them.

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The Sister Wives star continued showering her support on the person without completely agreeing with them. Meri then ended her sit-down video by saying, ‘Worthy up with me, friends, we got this.’ Many fans gushed to this post’s comments to advise her to re-watch the psychologist’s video because they believed she misunderstood him. While numerous other fans suggested her to watch his new clip, wherein he has explained himself. It was later brought to notice that he and his wife are Meri’s fans and that he never wanted to attack her.

Sister Wives: What Caused The Brewing Drama Between Kody & Leon?

A few days before Meri Flew to New York, a report by TheSun revealed that Leon has no relation with Kody Brown. They came out as Transgender in June last year and started to maintain the gap with their family from earlier this year. Their relationship with Kody turned bitter after he learned about their gender-affirming surgery. The source revealed that Kody does not support his kid’s transition

. They added that he feels disgusted by it and keeps telling people Leon is not the “girl” he raised.

Sister Wives

Irrespective of how Kody reacted to Leon’s transition. Their mother, Meri, continued to support them. There have been numerous instances where she has showered them with her support. What do you think of Meri’s response to the psychologist? Sound off in the comment section. And stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest Sister Wives news!

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